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Our 4yr old went to school today!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Our 4yr old has opted out of JK for about 3wks. We have known for about a year that she has issues with her eyes. I've written several articles on this topic (including "We need to open our minds when our kids present us with problems" and "Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery"). However, in the past few weeks, my daughter and I were placed under additional pressure to get her eyes healed now, or meet the mainstream consequences.

Although, there are always many layers to everything.

Our version of mainstream is to work with a neuro-optometrist, who will get glasses on her, to try to relax her eyes from always having to compensate for her farsightedness, which was leading to a left eye that turns in, out of exhaustion.

Once our daughter’s eyes have been given this break for a couple of months, we would begin exercises, to try to get her eyes to work together again.

Of course, glasses and exercises are not the root of her problems.

And, surprisingly, neither was Traditional Chinese Medicine (I.e., a dirty or imbalanced liver can lead to impaired vision, and a body on fire can reek havoc everywhere).

It appears her issues stem from a soul that has not fully incarnated, and is afraid to do so.

This is, in part, the result of trauma, that began at (IVF) conception, and continued through a pregnancy, in which I was so ill I literally wanted to die, a birth that led her to be born fast, itchy, and swollen, and all the unkind and insensitive comments that come from people who think babies can’t understand what you’re saying, when in fact they can, and what you say can traumatize them.

When she was just a 3 cell organism, the IVF doctors said “I wouldn’t bother transferring that embryo, it will only lead to disappointment”.

When she had her first cell division, which sets the spiritual tone for the spine, central nervous system, celestial body, and incarnation, she was not inside her mother. She may not have felt safe.

There are many parents who struggle through IVF and end up with a child who is challenging. Maybe these children are challenging because this world doesn’t feel safe enough for them to fully be here, yet.

Our path with our daughter is still a work in progress. But the path we are travelling also holds significant possible promise for others. To normalize (and potentially repair) their experience.

These kids are not misbehaving, they are scared.

It is not “what’s wrong with them?” it is “what happened to them and how can we make it right?”. And it is certainly not about getting their brain the needed stimuli before a critical window closes!

We want you here little one. Feeling safe to be yourself. See this article "We need to go back to square one if we want to alleviate mental illness in our children (and in ourselves)", for more on the native tradition of touching the babies feet to the ground for the first time.

Gratitude to the practitioners we are working with, and to my husband for being open to a process that he doesn’t fully understand or believe in, for the sake of our amazing middle child. Which includes, but is not limited to, Divine Healing.

If you want to learn more about this, if this feels like something your family may benefit from, feel free to reach out. And please share this with others who could benefit from hearing somebody say "you are not alone, there is hope to support your family and your child".

Love and Bless, Strong Family Light.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

Stress & Health

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