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What happens to our children before they are born, has a huge impact on their life, and we can help!

This beautiful girl is the reason for my business! My pregnancy with her was so challenging, I literally lay in bed every evening begging to die! Mainstream could not help me, and thankfully I was guided to a spiritual teacher. One of many, who would eventually return to me, the wisdom I have always had, to support others. For this I am grateful, but it took several years for me to recognize the impact this challenging pregnancy has had on her, and in learning about this, she has offered me another gift, to be of service to her and to others.

It is such an honour, to move at her pace, clearing all the fears she must have felt, at a cellular level, to live inside of me. And I can support you to do the same for your kids, if you feel this is a fit for you.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms are invitations for us to work on things, in our self and with our kids.

We get the time we need to do it, but if we fail to engage for too long, the body screams louder, and sometimes it’s too late, we can still capture the lesson, but we may have lost the life.

In this photo, the swelling around her left eye, that has been there on and off since her birth, is her fear, of trying to hold onto her unique truth, in a world that is very unkind, and sadly I played a part in that unkindness, when I failed to realize how I felt in pregnancy also had an impact on her.

I don’t know if I could have felt any differently, but I do know I am grateful for the opportunity to make it right, for her and others.

Go here to learn more, or book a free 15min consultation with me here.

Love, bless, and strong, firebirds!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

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