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Connecting and embracing all that we are

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Watching this talk:

...and sharing a couple posts I saw yesterday:

...of how complex we can be, and how there is room for every part. Coach and illustrator. Mentor and having our own path to walk (which I do not know enough about to comment, and I may never know, and that's ok, my comment is not appropriate or necessary). What drove me to notice this was "what a wonderful way to use the past 3yrs, writing a book". I enjoy writing, to summarize for others and see what I know, but I can't see myself ever writing something as permanent as a book, because I prefer to allow my understanding to continue to unfold.

In the talk above, Theresa shares that: increasing connection between the brain parts is very beneficial. She says there is spirit and the physical, and that the soul carries both programs from our (physical) life experience, and programs from spirit (our life purpose).

A few quotes:

"Assumption is the enemy of perception" and

"Aim to become more multidimensional"

She shares that intention is about belief and knowledge, and perception is about belief and our ability to consciously take in sensory input. For example, if most of us only see 1% of the visual spectrum, and only 10% of this is conscious, then we are only conscious of 0.1% of what is visually out there...

I've been thinking about this quote:

Especially since the autistic status of all my children has or may be questioned, if things keep up. In our case, I think some people, simply don't understand kids.

And how Regina spoke of our subconscious reaction to people we don't like, see:

Add this to how my two younger children behave at times, compounded with Theresa's statement that the lower brain develops in childhood, the limbic brain in preteen, the cortical brain in the teenage years, and the prefrontal cortex (the one capable of executive function, which also means regulation) not until age 25. Of course, we need younger kids to be kind and to cope, but, can we not find some middle ground, where we accept where they are at, and what they might sense, that we ourselves are not paying attention to, or may not even be able to "see"?

I love how Theresa described how bineural beats work (especially given the past 3yrs); that one ear is given one signal and the other ear is given another signal, and the brain battles it out to decide which signal is correct, and then finally, this process entrains the brain, in whatever the difference is, between what the two ears hear, the beat that represents this difference creates wholeness. Can't we do more of this in life?

She also refers to the prefrontal cortex as operating in the gamma wave frequency:

...with the cortical brain (behind it) operating in beta frequency, while gamma 40 has an ability to synchronize and work at all levels of the brain. This takes me back to Esogetics, where there is a gamma 40 brainwave program, and many more, see:

In the same talk, the person featured in the post above, also shared, that the lights we have, especially in public places, let off a frequency, that is destructive to healthy tissue. Some of us sense this, and are often labeled as autistic, and some of us don't know where the injury is coming from, or that we are being injured at all, even though we are...

Esogetics also works to connect left and right brain, as well as the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, limbic system, hippocampus, hormonal glands, medulla, and (most importantly) pulling information up from the lower to the higher levels of the brain, so that all levels of conflict are able to be processed together.

Just like the Venus Sequence of the Gene Keys, Theresa speaks about needing to work backwards through our brain development (or relationship programming, in the Venus Sequence).

I guess the point is, it's easy to change how we see things, if we remove the things that are holding the way we see things in place.

For so long I assumed I will always be hated. But for the first time, I was watching "is it cake" with my kids, and one of the contestants said to one of the judges "I aspire to one day have an impact like you do on tiktok", and I was like "wow, it's actually possible to be liked!".

It's very cool, how Theresa shows ways to tone the brain, using just sequenced taping and sounds, as the ancients would have done, because the brain is seen as what tunes frequency/spirit into our lives. We need to be able to turn the dial, to tune in better things, even though we also have lots of technology, to do this as well.

She also shares about the Kabbalah Tree of Life, and how the upper 3 sephras are connected to spirit, the middle 7 (including the hidden daat) are connected to soul/mind, and only the bottom sephirot is connected to physicality. It's possible this can be explored further, using Soul Contract, where each path connects different sephiras:

...I tend to covet the pathway from Venus to Earth (soul contract lesson 19, holding space for laughter, healing, and for spirit to descend). Many people avoid the pathway from Mercury to Earth (soul contract lesson 21, doing life the hard way, to build endurance). Even though the right leg (SC21) is how we step forward to express our individuality in this world, while the left leg (SC19) focuses more on childhood wounds. The more centered path would be from the Moon to the Earth (soul contract lesson 22, from ugliness to beauty, to see both perspectives and create a third to arrive at wholeness). I don't personally carry any of these lessons, but my eldest child carries them all.

Here are some more slides from her talk:

Specifically she spoke about the ear taking in 3 times the information that we take in with our eyes, and that the first sound we hear is our mother's heart beat in the delta range (which, in Esogetics, is related to healing the physical body).

It's interesting to see, Theresa tie each brain part, to a dominant brain wave, and to show us the path inward.

For the limbic brains she shows spoke to connections to the master hormone glands, and solfegio frequencies, which, because they are tuned from a base we are no longer use to, they stretch our brain, and there are components of this in divine healing and Healy (the information field).

Also, with regards to sound, she said music without lyrics is much more whole brain and balancing, because lyrics engage the left brain more than the right. Esogetics has many sound based healing tracks (which converting colour vibrations to their sound counterpart). In fact, when my almost 4yr old was in the midst of her 3rd major anger outburst today, I played the first of 4 conflict resolution soundtracks, and within 5min of having it on in the background, she became more reasonable and flexible.

As Theresa goes into the brain stem, she said this is about instilling good habits and rituals.

Either the limbic or the stem brain were connected with the autonomic nervous system and somatic (body-based) healing.

Then she went into the heart (middle dantien), and the lower dantien (gut brain), with the brain being the upper dantien (doaist traditions).

In the heart, we have theta waves, which are very healing (especially for the brain, from and Esogetics perspective). And, when we move from the heart (gratitude) to sending positive intention to the world, we quickly jump to gamma waves, making wholeness the potential of the heart.

While the lower dantien, a couple inches below the bellybutton, is our center of gravity, zero point, and where we can expand into the universal mind.

Theresa admits, the last sephirot, in her image of the tree of life showing the 3 dantien on the central column, should be at the feet, as shown above. If we convert the top three sephira (each tied to one of the dantien), we have Neptune (spiritual connection), Sun (our life purpose), and Moon (our needs).

There are many ways to (re)connect to who we are. I hope this is helpful for some.


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