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Four part mind, multiple ways to assess and support the physical body

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I watched most of this presentation yesterday:

...where Regina Meridith (who is usually an interviewer and rarely able to share her own wisdom) shared her concept of the mind, from her many years of studying hermetics.

According to Regina, we have a soul, a higher mind, a lower mind (which we call our conscious mind), and a subconscious.

The subconscious mind is eternal and goes with us from life to life, storing all of the bad things that can happen, so we can make better choices. Regina did a meditation in her talk, that had the audience tune into a time when they met someone they instantly hated, to see how this feels in the body, as an example of communication or input from the subconscious mind.

Regina shared that we are a hybrid species, we have a physical body (which houses and the conscious/lower mind and the subconscious) and a spiritual body (which houses the soul and higher mind). She said her guides told her they thought the higher mind would be in charge, but, because of all the hard cycles we have had on earth, having all our accomplishments wash away and having to start over again, the lower mind is the one that ended up being in control. Even though the lower (conscious) mind is the only part of our mind that is not eternal and that washes away when we die.

The conscious/lower mind calls the shots of what we will listen to, and it gets heavily programmed by being here. It's our ego/personality, which Regina says is not bad, it's who we think we are and how we make sense of our life, but, in my opinion, it can really hold us back, especially if it constrains what it will allow in, in a way that is not supportive of the life the soul was after.

The soul creates the plan for this life. Some of the information can be assessed via soul contract, human design, astrology, and gene keys. But we have to let this go at some point too, because the conscious/lower mind that holds on too tight to the plan is also limited to what Bruce Lipton calls "BS" (belief systems) of bad timing, bad years, bad omens etc. Forgetting that there is experience gained along the way, that develops the soul and the life path. I'm lucky enough to work with souls who have done this before, and are mavericks with their soul contracts and astrologies (plural, because you can have more than one).

When we are in utero, the body adjusts itself, to be able to cope with the life it is coming into, based on the hormonal, nutritional, and toxic chemistry of the mother, along with other things, such as the unprocessed trauma passed down in mother, father, and ancestral genes. From Bruce Lipton, one example might be: a thicker skull if the unborn child senses he/she will be born into a life that is exposed to physical violence.

The higher mind guides us: look here, go there. It's the soul's plan, but for me, the soul is quiet. Like Ra Uru Hu (founder of human design) says "we are passenger consciousness", here to bare witness to the life, hopefully we are operating as ourself, and not as our programmed not-self.

Onto the body. I am so sad that the programming is so strong. We recently went to see an alternative practitioner, to get some information about our bodies:

This practitioner focuses on circulation (identifying and removing congestion) and nutrition, because if you have good building blocks and things can flow, then you can handle environmental toxins and emotional stressors much better.

You may wonder why a practitioner would go to another practitioner, it's because we can see different things, and more information is helpful. Especially if it can be captured in a non-invasive way, without long waits or going in when we are in an emergency state.

While we did purchase the recommended supplements, and we will continue to try to find acceptable ways to take them, just the pressure points used have helped improve circulation to the hands and feet (with the hands being mostly body temperature now and the feet still a bit colder).

With this information, I now have new ideas on how to use RestoreChi to support. For example, there's a RestoreChi thyroid track (and we were told iodine is for the thyroid and improved thyroid function will improve circulation). The spleen, and maybe the small intestine, are involved in nutrient absorption (which is why we were recommended liquid minerals). RestoreChi has tracks for each of these. Esogetics can treat the hormone glands (and much more). And, the Healy also has a vital essences (nutrients) library, as well as a homeopathic and flower essences libraries and more, which I also have in physical form, because there are many ways to engage with information, vibration, physicality, and psychology. And who knows what will work for whom?

Even still, the holistic practitioner above said in passing that "if they did the splits they would have to go to hospital". Regina also shared in her talk that she has been to ERs in so many countries, because she was born with an inability to produce cortisol, so she cannot handle stress. Yet her transformative childhood story, that allowed her to avoid being programmed and to not care what others think, shows no signs of this disorder.

In response to this practitioner's off the cuff remark, of having to go to hospital, which divine healing has processes to undo (beliefs about weight, aging, and health), I said "I hope not!". Interestingly Bruce Lipton said our weight is a program, we are exactly the size we believe we need to be, for protection and to keep others away.

Of course, the hospital is there if we need it, but if we know better, shouldn't we listen to our body's limits and have ways to fix injury, without showing up in hospital? Of course, the practitioner's co-parent is a teacher, and then you know, sadly, they are part of the programming. We can come so far out, but still be in, in ways we haven't thought to think our way out.

A friend was just in hospital, for several days, several tests, lots of waiting. From what I hear, they couldn't find the source of the problem, signs of the problem still exist, and the person has been sent home. This is not good care, it's not empowering, it's not helpful. Where do you go from there?

I wish more people would invest in information about themselves, that they can then use, to continue to find solutions that work for them.

In healing, I know many who do not heal. I'm puzzled by this, as I know mindset and reality are important. When I am sick, I often don't think I will get better, but I put my effort into things that will get me better and I always get better. Rarely I will use some mainstream methods, often I will use many alternative methods. But I see others flounder, some believe and it doesn't help, others don't believe and it doesn't help.

I guess my subconscious mind is stocked full of what works, and this is why I am able to choose wisely: where to put my efforts and where not to waste my time. Even though I have to fight the "be kind" "be open" programming at times.

Although I did a fair bit of time-wasting in my 20s, that was for me to see what goes nowhere fast, so I can appreciate the difference. However, some people still try to show me the nowhere fast method is actually better than what I experienced, and then I witness them continue to go nowhere fast, despite their love for the game.

It's ok. As in this post:

... I am no longer interested in wishing people ill for doing what I wouldn't do, I don't need to be right. I've known for decades that other people do things their way and it works well for them, better than where I would drive them. And I don't want to drive anyone. I want people to engage with their life and learning, and drive where their soul wants them to go. I try to help with that, with what I know and have access to.

I've trusted what I would do for myself for others in the past, and their negativity, even if we can see it working, can undo it's ability to work for them. Tied to the post above, intention healing works because we engage in what we believe in. Many engage in what they believe they "should". And some say "should" is one of the most violent words there is, because it implies right and wrong, when there is no such thing. We just have feelings and needs, and we do what we can, to try to meet those needs, even if we use tragic methods, that are very unlikely to be successful, a skilled person can see through this, and, if they love us enough and have the energy to spare, they will help with the translation. Some of my posts on this topic (NVC - nonviolent communication) are available here:

I am highly suspect that my posts share too much truth, so the algorithms either don't allow them to show up on people's feeds, or people don't/can't read or process them, and that's ok. They are for me, and I add them here, so they are not lost or wasted.

For me, my higher mind speaks to me in the morning, when my subconscious mind is asleep, but if my subconscious mind catches wind of my higher mind trying to get my lower/conscious mind to read, watch, or write, without having had sufficient sleep, it blankets my lower mind (ego, consciousness) into staying in bed. But this doesn't mean I can't still listen to my soul and higher mind, I just can't act yet. This is how my 4 part mind guides me to protect my physical body. Physical discomfort and the needs of others, which demand my attention or they just get worse, also allow for proper spacing, which allows me to refine my thoughts, and hopefully communicate in a more honest and complete way.

I hope this is helpful.

If any of the methods mentioned above peak your interest, send me an email, and let's see what may be right for you:


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