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Even our 9yr old son is trying to help us evolve

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

He says: look at Eevee, who she evolves to be depends on what you feed/expose her to:

He says: there are some Pokémon who in generation one don’t evolve, but in generation two they evolve. And, there are some who simply don’t evolve (whether they are dark or light):

Some simply have to return to their home planet to be able to evolve, and some, despite all odds (of being an ultra beast) find a way to evolve while here:

My son’s favorite Pokémon are Mimikyu (mimic you) and Sableye:

...however, he points out that Sableye’s evolved form is cool because his shield prevents us from knowing: did both his eyes change colour or just one, and does he still have the red mark on his chest?

To me, it’s amazing how much insight kids can provide, not only into the world, but also into how the world is impacting them: the need to copy others, protect oneself, and hope the mark on your heart is gone.

Now he wants to look at the Pokémon who don’t evolve, and imagine (draw and write) how they might choose to evolve, and consider what skills, needs, or features they would lose or gain, improve or keep, and at what cost, based on the needs of the environment they live in and how they need to operate/move in life.

Here‘s what he’s found so far:

…which is interesting, because it shows that even Pokémon you don’t “like”, you can learn to like, when you remember their pre-evolution. At some point, we were all cute and loved, and then, life happened to us, and many forget who they truly are or could be.

What does this inspire you to do?


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