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Gain information from your OWN body!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

One last share for today.

Take a look at this video (if you are like me, bare with how slow he may speak, he is sharing something of value for you to know):

But don't stop at what he tells you.

Notice in your body:

- which of these points are more sensitive, which side, the left or the right?

- what symptoms, that he mentions, have you been experiencing?

- what symptoms are you trying to avoid in this time (hint hint - cough, fever, lungs, lymphatic system, cytokines)?

Take a look at the organs that correspond to the letters in the points he mentions (i.e., LU = lungs):

Source can be found on Pinterest, through this link.

Empower yourself, understand your body. I have a colleague who is offering weekly online groups to understand your body. Maybe you want to check it out?

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Life Purpose and Family Dynamics Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

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