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Health 101 - illness is an opportunity for growth

Updated: May 27, 2022

I know, it’s easy to mock a new illness, or, if you’re on the other side of the spectrum, to panic, but, both miss the point.

We are supposed to be teaching our kids resilience (you can do it!) and critical thinking (if this problem suddenly popped up, why, what happened before, to make this more likely?).

Humor is important, because it helps people cope, knowing that they are not alone. Laughter is helpful for overall health:

…but, it is important not to go so far as to be unkind.

There may be people who are concerned, and actually, a healthy way to address concern, is to look for information, and think about what you know how to do, and what you would do, if it goes beyond your ability to cope.

Many mental health support groups, advocate to have these sort of protocols in place.

Here are some things I found this morning:

I’ve saved two of her video in my playlist called: Thought experiments for kids of all ages

Collagen is something I take to support my teeth and gums. As you may know, teeth and skin show red flags, for issues in the major internal organs.

With monkey pox, we have an illness that shows a red flag on the skin (often starting on the face, where on the face may also tell you what organs and systems beneath are struggling), that flares up the lymphatic system. So we know how it is trying to exit, and where it is blocked.

If small pox (a similar condition) was eradicated, then our body used to know how to deal with it, but, now it can’t, so, what is clogging our lymphatic system?

Even more specific:

Just before the 7min mark here: they say it appears that the current monkey pox is no different (from a genomic perspective) from what it was in 2018, so the difference, to me, is our new inability to clear it. They also mention countries with high V rates (or should I say with more severe travel restrictions/punishments if you decide to opt out) as having monkey pox cases at this time…

I am sad to see another illness linked to gay men and their lifestyle, although HIV/AIDS did teach people to be more mindful in their intimate relationships, which can be good.

And, many forms of medicine say, not only are there no real labeled illness, just different blocks in detox or signals that we need to process something so we can return to our true life path, our physical problems are in big part attributable to our lifestyle.

But there is more to promiscuous gay men than just their sex habits. What about all the lack of self acceptance trauma beforehand, that may not have been dealt with, and may disempower them, to make poor health choices, in order to be able to do what they want?

Knocking people for wanting share what they know, or to know more, is sad. Funny, because we often wish the other could see the irony, but irony looks us all in the face. Many have made a personality out of covid, and want it to keep going. Even if they have to turn evil to do so.

Also, real full blown illness keeps people in bed. Dumbed down illness, due to ineffective Vs, results in sick, contagious, low symptomatic people, walking around, sharing what they’ve got.

I thought this was good to know, especially the images: And, if you look at the images, that’s what’s in you and wants out, it’s not the virus, it’s your garbage that the virus is clearing out, can we be grateful?

So, if I have not been obvious enough yet: What have many people been taking, dose after dose? And how can we work to clear the lymphatic system? The video shown in the images above, with chapter markings, offers a quick lymph clearing technique.

Collagen, also mentioned above, supports connective tissue. And, Esogetic Medicine also has treatments for the mesenchyme (also known as connective tissue), to help the cells dump their garbage and communicate better, as well as for the neruoglia, to help the immune cells of the brain, do the same. In fact there is a whole book about this. And I often use this treatment, when I need a shift in perspective, because my life is repeating the same issue/trauma, which means I am not picking up on the subtle signs. Is this that kind of collective deja vu?

I am just like you. Just trying to figure things out, take care of my self and my kids. We don’t need to be doctors or researchers to put two and two together, and we don’t need to live in fear either.

I may also consult the information field, for insight on this, if I have time, and feel the need.

Take good care of your self, and don’t panic.

Like this image from my last article:

…it is time to expand our concept, beyond what we are used to.

When the glands are involved, those are your chakras, and you are being asked to wake up, not dumb down:

We all know what that means, right?

Allow illness to teach you well. Reach out to others for support. Then, teach us!


ps. Rodents (and all animals, bugs, and plant life) are impacted by what we put into our bodies too. We toilet it into our water system, and shed it into the earth and air. Nothing new. 😕

Since writing this article, my friend sent me this:

…which prompted me to share the following as an add on to my previous post on social media:

How does all of this sit with you?

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