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How can I help?

I flipped some tarot cards with my almost 4yr old yesterday. And, reading the trump cards with conversion to Soul Contract, I got:

= Help people really grow, by creating a space where they can have fun and where spirit can descend, but, if you really want to make money, help them let go of their dysfunctional patterns.

This hit me hard, because I don't like the idea of making money. It sounds weird. I like to pay off debt and buy tools, books, and courses, so I can learn and serve others. But I don't like to stockpile money or take from those who have less than me (I feel so fortunate to have what I have). So being given a suggestion on how to make money made me feel uncomfortable, at first.

But, sleeping on it, I realize, it's not about hoarding money, it's about being of service, and the service, in theory, that I have to offer, that people will be willing to invest in, is as stated above.

I want them to grow and play, like I do, let spirit in, but if I advertise it that way, people won't invest in themselves, they will only do so if I advertise that they can let go of old programming that doesn't serve them.

This comes on the heels of watching a lot of Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden on Gaia TV Events +, as my membership is about to expire.

Here are 8 consecutive posts on my Instagram feed, inspired by what I learned:

And this additional post:

I was wondering how am I supposed to serve, as the imaginal cell they say all their viewers are. And my answer is above.

While I want to inspire people to learn and grow, they are only going to pay to do so if they can remove their blocks which are causing them negative stress/pain.

I knew, as a psychologist, who studied the impact of stress on health, and has many tools, not only for self acceptance, but also for energy psychology, as Bruce refers to, as one of the ways to remove our destructive programming, I should be able to help.

Here are a couple additional quotes:

I am happy to continue to work on myself, my family, my skills, and, when people recognize we are doing better than most, maybe they will ask to know what I know. It's an investment, and I can't make people do it.

One of the reasons it's hard to change people, is they often don't want to invest as much as it takes, in themselves, to change. They want to invest once in one thing and that's it, they don't realize it takes many things. At the same time, there are those who invest in many things, but are too afraid to invest in the things that actually work, they invest only in what does not work, to show they are trying, because they are comfortable at that level, and they are scared to grow. And I don't want anyone to invest more than they want to invest.

So, we are stuck, with me serving others less than I can, because they limit what they feel they are worthy of, and my self esteem won't allow me to push.

Part of this is mine to heal, so I will go back to my tools, which I bought, because I feel worthy, to know how they work, in order to serve others.

And this will change my perception and my programming, and will shift my life, which is what entertains me, far more, than what most people invest in for entertainment (which really means: numbing out the pain from their current reality, because they don't know that they can change).

I hope this helps.

Bruce and Gregg say "don't invest your energy in things that don't serve you". While I post a lot for little likes, it serves me to do so, because I post for me, it allows me to grow, and to explain myself, and to have something I created to go back to, and remember all that I have learned. I also learn deeper, because I take the time to write what I know, which, even if it helps just a few people here and there, it's enough.


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