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Its fascinating how parts of our body work together, and can hurt each other

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I applied the 3 triangle treatments shown here: and my 7yr old said it really helped the pain she had around her belly button.

As I applied this treatment, I realized the points included in the treatment, touch on the liver, small intestine, and central governing pathways.

This diagram shows the relationship between the stomach and small intestine (as well as the connection between the stomach/spleen and the lungs, denied by mainstream medicine, and the three layers of the SJ/triple warmer, mentioned below):

The stomach's main role is to extract nutrients from food and the liver's main role is to detox. But if the small intestine is leaky and fails to remove impurities, to be passed to the large intestines and bladder for excretion, than the garbage goes back into the blood stream, for the liver to process again, exhausting it.

If you look here, you see many meridians have points around the eye (UB=bladder, SJ=triple warmer, the three ways we are supported with energy - food, air, inherited, see diagram above, GB=gallbladder, and ST=stomach):

Our daughter's primary issues is around her eyes, which is the flower of the liver in TCM. And, if you look here, you see on the far left of the image (meridians are mirrored on both sides), how the liver and spleen (which pairs with the stomach) meridians intertwine in the lower half of the torso (where she feels pain):

...this may explain why too much eye activity also triggers what she calls "stomach pain". Her brain (and body) can not process (digest) so much disorganized information (it doesn't know what to keep and what to throw out). Because a lot of the information triggers and paralyzes her in social fear, with minimal resources available to problem solve.

Also of interest, the channels below the belly button (where she feels pain) from the midline out, represent the prenatal and postnatal energy, including how the postnatal qi can nourish the inherited qi. And this is where someone would wear a RestoreChi fusion speaker, if wearing it over their kidneys at the back, triggered them to feel too much frustration. More to explore I am sure.

We are working on it. But I just wanted to share how the eyes, stomach, liver, etc are not just one thing, it's a whole, which throws off the brain, emotions, and communication, via a stress response. And the solution is kindness. The way most people operate in this world is very messed up, and hard for many to process.


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