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The body and our life experiences provide excellent guidance and feedback on how we are living life

We are so unique. And while the education, training, and experience of mainstream (alternative or g-o-v funded) practitioners allows them to make good guesses and apply some techniques that may work, true healing requires us to understand the lesson being taught, and this takes a lot more contemplation than most practitioners can or are willing to do.

I try to empower my clients to start to do the thinking for themselves, so they can find what will help their unique situation.

I had terrible acid reflux and sinus congestion during pregnancy. Nasal spray helped, as it drove me crazy not to be able to breathe through my nose when I tried to sleep, but Tums and Gaviscon provided little to no relief. Even chiropractic adjustments would help for a bit, but as soon as I would tense up with stress, the acid reflux would return. I am thankful that the following RestoreChi track, that did not work for me during pregnancy (when there was physical block, the baby), works for me now when I have acid reflux (stomach fire), often due to poor dietary choice (cheese and meat, instead of fruit/vegetable light):

And, as I am trying to support our 7yr old through nasal congestion and what she calls "stomach pain", around her belly button, which we know is not the stomach (which is much higher), I realize, her nasal congestion doesn't bother her when she sleeps, so it's not the same as mine. I am going to try using light green instead of red colour light for her sinus treatment, to see if addressing it on a nerve inflammation level is more helpful than addressing it on a blood flow level:

As for her "stomach", we know from the folded man concept, that around the belly button is how we treat shoulder and neck pain, so, is around the shoulder and neck how we treat pain around the belly button?

The area of the shoulder/neck is referred to as our "cross to bare". And the belly button area is clearly an issue with mom. But issues with parents should not be cleared before children come of age, because they need these ties to their parents in order to survive childhood. Perhaps because kids come into this life (in part) to teach their parents, removing this may destabilize their purpose for being, which could remove support/foundation for their life, or simply make life harder, because the dynamic to teach still needs to be fulfilled, the easy or the hard way.

We have to be so careful, of whether we are trying to help people feel better, or trying to avoid our own need to adapt, change, understand, and grow.

Esogetic Medicine is very respectful in this way, always considering what kids are and are not ready for. Even in utero, when the only treatments we are allowed to do on the mom is "prenatal" and "relaxing the spine", anything else may cause the fetus to abort, perhaps because we may clear the lesson the soul has chosen this parent for, see:

Here are some treatments that address ulcer colitis, which our child does not have yet, but I'm looking here because of the mention that this condition may be tied to chronic appendicitis, which is fear that has gone deeper into the body, than just tonsillitis:

I am also aware that I will be taking the transmitter relay course in a couple months (a treatment that some people need, in order to respond to anything else). And we have an upcoming appointment with a practitioner who assesses via the ears, as her ears show potential spinal, autonomic stress, and prenatal issues.

We learn our lessons through our illness, and through how our children suffer. It's not for us to hand to a practitioner to solve. They give us some information, and then we continue to work at it, together, with our kids.

I know this is not the path for everyone. Some will have no health issues, some will take meds to shove their issue further down, to maybe learn from later on. In a way it doesn't matter, because our life will show us if the path we are on is right for us, or not. There are so many paths. And I find the body, the family dynamic, and the opportunities presented to us in life, give us an opportunity to apply and deepen whatever we are learning.

I hope this is helpful for you too, and maybe inspiring, that you can be a part of your healing journey.

YOU are living your life, not some practitioner, who's job is to identify why you have symptoms and how to clear them. Clear them means, get you to stop complaining. But do you learn to navigate life and self care any better as a result? Is that the point? Or do you just want to return to your life, despite your body/life communicating to you that something is out of alignment/balance and needs to change?

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