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Maybe not…

I started to write this post, in response to a previous post, available here.

"Most children struggle because their parents fail to detox (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically) before having kids. And they fail to set up the support network they may need if things don’t go as planned. Hubby and I had a laugh this morning about how hard our kids are to parent, but you have to realize how sick I was in pregnancy, literally wanting to die or terminate if anything was wrong with the child. I’m not proud of how I was, it must have been hell to be inside me, never knowing if you would be abandoned or taken out at any moment. It’s no wonder our girls fight for what they feel is theirs and cling so hard to me. I still need to support them to undo what it feels like to grow inside of me. Our son had a different experience, because I was less sick with his pregnancy, but he detoxed me physically, because he was my first..."

Then my youngest needed me, and then I realized my fatal flaw: If we all did everything we could to create the perfect prenatal experience, no soul would choose to come through us. Souls come for only 2 reasons: to teach and to learn. If we provide the "perfect" experience, as if perfect is even possible, then they have nothing to teach us and nothing to learn, no scars to heal, because they would have no notches in their development. Our entire life is a reflection and opportunity to heal our time in utero.

It's funny, because this book I am reading says: if we strive for perfection, then we will be imperfect, but if we allow for imperfect, then we become perfect. It reminds me of another article I wrote this morning, where trying to be perfect is the illness, see: The problem with “I see your pain, and here’s my offer”… (

Thank you for reading :)

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