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The problem with “I see your pain, and here’s my offer”…

This article is for my own processing.

So many people market their business the way I state in the title of this article, because it works. But I don't love the "make people feel bad so you can make them feel better" tactic. Often I felt fine until the person tried to sink the room with their "fear of missing out" tactic. But I also don't fall for fear of missing out, I just watch these people manipulate the room, and I don't like it.

But it gets worse than that. A practitioner I respect says he is not anti-g-o-v he just doesn't trust them. And my response is I just don't think they are qualified for the work, see:

And when we get specific, suicidal ideation is a symptom. Back when ASIST used to stand for suicide prevention, we were taught not to be afraid to ask someone if they are thinking of trying to... and if so, we should not be shy to ask if they had a plan, and if so, we should not be shy to ask if we can hold onto the key item for their plan, at least until they felt better. Because no one actually wants to hurt themselves, they want to stop hurting by letting people know how they feel, and maybe getting some help.

But now, the g-o-v in theory offers assisted... for kids under 1yr of age, if the parent feels life is too hard, or to anyone with PTSD or who can hold the request long enough to show they really mean it. I'm concerned the first year of life rule is because they know kids born to those who took the V may be born with organs missing, it's already happened, and no one knows if this is a good quality of life, so they are offering an out. But this sure is a sad way to do it, when they could have just been upfront about the risks of the V from the start, and made it a choice with no force..

The free offer for assisted... is not much different than them offering funded rounds of IVF to women who have both tubes blocked. We did two such rounds, but they only counted as one, because the first round none of the embryos survived, and they actually tried to convince us not to transfer the embryos from round two, one of which became our child, because they said "if you transfer now this counts as one of your 3 free rounds, but if you don't, you still get 3 more tries", and my response was "I will never do this again, please transfer all 3 remaining embryos now". We had full drug coverage and extended healthcare benefits, and these 2 "free" rounds still cost us $10,000 out of pocket. The g-o-v even audited me to prove that this amount was indeed spent on health in my tax claim. Audit approved.

As you can see in this article (and other articles embedded to therein), we still struggle with the consequences of an IVF conception for our child:

And this takes me back to assisted..., the solution for infertility is not to force fertility, it's to resolve the heath issue that is causing difficulty getting pregnant and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. RestoreChi can absolutely do this. When you are healthy enough to conceive, then you are also more likely to grow a healthy baby. But the g-o-v doesn't care about this, because 1) they don't know how to restore health, and 2) they only know how to tinker like lab scientists, their interests are not in your health, but in furthering their own understanding and accomplishments.

Second, and I'll get back to assisted..., so many want to change the way we do things for everyone, because they got so turned around. Noble, but this is the wrong goal. We can't take people out of their situation, because their situation is always the best teacher (like the womb and going through the birth canal is the best way to show mom and child they can do it). And we should not derail our own learning, to try to set things up for others. First you, then maybe others. This is why the most messed up people are teachers, because they want to teach to avoid having to learn. They want to rob others of the ability to discover, because they want a turn at being smart. Only someone who has not healed enough to see what is being done is wrong would roll out g-o-v curriculum without any push back. Read some of the greatest books/articles on self directed learning, learning all the time, dumbing us down, then you'll know.

Ok. So assisted..., yes, some people think, wow, a peaceful less violent way to go, I deserve that, my family deserves that. But life and death is messy. It's part of being alive, we can't have a clean death, unless we learn how to die when it is our time, see:


Many people attempt and fail, because you're supposed to fail, see:

Higher frequency souls sometimes walk in when we have a near death experience, but there is no near death experience if someone is just going to keep injecting product until the job is done. Does the g-o-v know this, or are they just that dumb and caught up in "well, let's not discriminate, let's be compassionate, let's offer a free, tax payer dollar, solution"?

Every single trap is there for us to find, and to fall into, to learn. I've even had two abortions. One ordered by my father, when my mom told him my situation, when she was only the age that I am now. We forget that our parents were as young (and lost) as we are. We expected more from them, than they were capable of. I don't regret my abortions, but I felt shame to do it a second time. So I went to a shady clinic and was threatened by the staff during the procedure (because they do the procedure while you're awake, with little to no pain killers, instead of putting you under general anesthesia, to spare you the pain, judgement, and trauma). I also developed a mild infection from their procedure, that I did not traat for a year, to punish myself. Then I had trouble conceiving.

We have to put it all together. Healing is a journey, we each travel. We can learn from each other, but when we derail our healing to make it perfect for everyone else, that's the illness, right there. Stop.

This life is about you, and only you. Yes I say "to be of service" a lot, and yes it's nice to serve others. But if you don't heal your self first, fully and completely, not this "well I don't think it's possible to fully heal" bs. It is possible to fully heal, and it is possible to have things that you're still working on. Life is not so black and white.

We enable each other so much to do less, because someone how it's kind to say "yeah we all suck". We don't all suck, although I do love this ad:

Anyways. The point is: suicide ideation is a symptom, wanting to fix others and create a perfect way of doing things is a symptom. And there is a way to heal. Unfortunately, you have to find the right person and modality and you have to be open to change. The g-o-v can not hand that to you, all they have is cookie cutter, bureaucratic vanilla solutions. Like seriously, how many extra unnecessary letters did they have to stick into the word: bureaucratic? Buratic, would have been fine! 😂

But I digress.

Nothing wrong with vanilla, but your vanilla is going to be far more fantastic than plant-based, cricket powdered, using only g-o-v approved technology, to prevent changes in nature that can not be prevented, because nature is adaption, which means change, where the solution is certainly not well thought through, or approved by anyone in the industry, who actually has to apply the forced concept, not offending anyone, except for everyone who thinks for themselves' solution.

I do hope this helps. I know some people don't like the way I take what I learn and write what I think. They prefer I keep it all between us and for them, and that I get all the facts straight. But it's not about facts. Yes more information is good, we learn, but I can't keep giving time and taking more in, I'll short circuit. Information in, information out. It's not really about the conversation with that person, it's about the process that happens inside each of us, based on our unique experiences, wisdom, and perspective. No one needs to agree with how we process or even with our output. I was never trying to "get it right" for the other. I'm trying to get it right for me, and I hope others do the same.

Sending love and I hope this helps. For suicidal thoughts and self harm, I find this works:

While I don't want to stop souls on a path for a soul exchange or whatever wisdom comes from attempts or loss. I do want to share that there is an option to clear the pain, because not everyone gets a second chance in this life, like I was granted.

People don't seem to see how much people grow from loss, they are too self-focused to see beyond what if that happened to me, but watch: may be appalled by what the teenager does that lands him in jail, but the parents and siblings grow from the experience, maybe the teenager agreed to play that role to allow for their growth.

Life is a play, for us to learn. The roles are agreed upon in advance, don't take it too seriously. But also, act it out in full, to grasp the lesson and make the sacrifice of others count.


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