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Layers of expression and healing

My daughter had two pool parties for her birthday but, because of what she's seen in shows like Peppa Pig for parties, she really wanted to play party games, like "pass the parcel", and not have everyone swim or do their own thing.

It's interesting because my kids' healing and my understanding of their wounds are in layers too.

I only just realized that my youngest spent the first 6 months of her life in sessions with me, feeling what I felt as I supported others through difficult experiences, sometimes clients even held her, while I looked things up for them. And she came with me to all kinds of shows and events. Then covid hit and her siblings came home. The school we attended during covid was probably a lot for her. Especially since, to be honest, I wanted her to participate, so I could be free to teach. I even offered her to a client/friend, to take to mom and baby classes, that I had already been to with my eldest, because this friend/client never got the chance, and I felt I was "done" with that phase of my life.

In Esogetics, issues at conception repeat at the water break and at 0-3yrs of life, how everyone feels when we announce the pregnancy repeats in the canal and at ages 3-6yrs, how we feel at 6 months of pregnancy repeats at birth and at 6-9yrs, and birth in general repeats at the cord cut and at 9-12yrs of life.

My youngest is currently in the 3-6yrs bracket. When I found out and announced that I was pregnant with her, the majority of people (myself included) considered termination. No wonder we are in the midst of some hard years, where she fights for survival. Thankfully, I think things got better after I accepted that we were having another child. So in a year, when our youngest leaves the hypnogogic state (at age 6), when I wanted to delay her entry to public school until anyway, because I am not interested in her being programmed (the pipeline from preschool to prison), I want her to be able to protect herself at least with some dominant (awake) alpha brain waves, she may shift into an easier state.

With my son, finding out I was pregnant, I quit my job and all my hard core exercise programs, I was so afraid to lose him. His hardest period during birth was when he stayed way too long in the birth canal, because I had my epidural turned up way too high. And he definitely had a hard time when his sister was born, 22 days before he turned 3. School was also hard SK onwards, when he began to feel like he was being forced and compared to his peers.

He is now out of the woods and into the "wall of puberty" (age 12-24yrs), where he can stop reacting to what happened before (age 9-12) and heal or carry all his baggage forward into a dysfunctional adulthood, not if I can help it!

And my middle has entered into her 9-12yr reaction period. She is actually making great progress, but it pains me to see her struggle with her friends. She wants one best friend, but keeps manifesting a group of 3, where she is sometimes left out...

Mother, father, child. I, you, we. One of the hardest lessons we work on in this life.

Reminds me of the tshirts I made for my business:

My son represents the middle layer - if you just understand him, it gets easier. My middle represents thr upper layer - mainstream couldn't help me, so I turned to spiritual teachers. And when it comes to the social problems she has at school, I can't got in there and fix them, but I can use techniques like Elemental Magic and the Information Field, to understand and improve the energy, which is often enough to resolve the issue. My youngest is the lower layer, the physical detox or die. Everything is recorded in the body and plays out in the life. We can literally photograph it, and see what layer needs to be addressed next.

I study and I recognize my mistakes, with a 1/3 projector human design profile, this is how I learn, in order to be able to guide others.

This too shall pass, the song will stop, another layer of wrapping will be peeled, there is a gift underneath.

I find it interesting that I put gold on the physical (grey) shirt and silver on the spiritual (white) shirt. Gold is yang and silver is yin. Yin is generally tied to the receptive, dark, cold, feminine, body, while yang is generally tied to the bright, sun, masculine, spirit. But the body work (Esogetics and RestoreChi) were channeled in by men, and the larger component of the spiritual work (Divine Healing and Elemental Magic) were channeled in by women. The first of which was a mother, who could not participate in a training that she was interested in, because she could not travel with her young child, so she had to call in her own method.

White is open to love/life, while black is closed down by fear. Grey shatters where we have become blind and stoped listening, so we can start to recognize our pattern again (a second chance to heal).

The text and logo on the middle shirt were created using soul-spirit colours, which touch on the subtle, as opposed to physical, aspects. They also represent the 4 elements, which is how illness lands in the body. We are spirit/information embodied, thanks to energy (soul, our emotions). I place all of the work shown on the middle (black) shirt (which is to understand ourselves, our kids, our life path, and the why's for our tough experiences) in the heart, at the base of the flower (green) on the spiritual (white) shirt. Each layer is supported by the other. Our environment, our children, above and below, help us grow.

I hope this helps? To be continued as I discover more layers to take away and to add to my understanding. If you have any questions, please ask. We learn together.

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