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Let’s take a REAL look at the May 26 2021 eclipse!

Here is an astrological view for the upcoming eclipse:

Paraphrased from co-teacher Stan:

“An Exact lunar or solar eclipse means the Sun and Moon are at the exact same degree and minute and the lunar nodes are in the same sign.

The Solar eclipse has the Sun and Moon in the same sign (New Moon phase), and the Lunar eclipse has the Sun and Moon in opposite signs (Full Moon phase). The duration for each can last several minutes.

A Total eclipse means the sun or moon will be completely covered by the moon or earth’s shadow”

...probably when the lunar nodes are very close to the Sun and Moon, as will be the case on May 26th 2021 at 7:14am Eastern Daylight Time.

Since this is a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurring at 7:14am, we won’t actually see it in Eastern Daylight Time Canada (moon sets at 5:49am):

For the best view, we need to see who will be at “midnight”, when we are at 7:14am, and who will be at “high noon“:

Note the mess up in the conversion above. This is part of what the government does to us. By changing our time zone, we lose alignment with the rest of the world, and our ability to properly flow with the changing seasons, especially our desire for freedom and independence in the spring and working together in the fall. Notice the UK does not participate in this change but the countries it “owns” (Canada and New Zealand) do, hmm...

Anyhoo, in this case, we have the sun at high noon in the London time zone being blocked by the earth, so that the light of the full moon, at 11pm in the New Zealand time zone, will be covered by the shadow of the earth.

In ancient times, suddenly losing the light of your sun or moon (even for a few minutes) must have been scary!

“Who’s coming to get us? What did we do wrong? What scary omen is upon us?“

But, it’s just geometry.

When we are in alignment:

  • Sun (our life purpose),

  • Moon (our personal unique self care needs, emotions, and daily habits),

  • Earth (our biggest challenge), and

  • Lunar nodes (our growth trajectory: whenever we are off balance in one sign we can look to the opposite sign in the astrology wheel to discover how to find our middle ground again)

...then we get phenomena like this to remind us of our impact on others (or on other parts of our selves).

A bit more info from Stan:

“The Blood Moon is when the light of the Sun gets reflected in a certain way that the moon appears to be reddish but doesn't actually turn red.

The Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the earth.

The Lilith (Black Moon Lilith or BML) moon is when the moon is furthest from the earth.“

Remember: the needs of Lilith for equality in her relationship with Adam caused her to exile her self, to be replaced by a more compliant version of woman, Adam‘s rib, not his equal, Eve. And so, we demote and exile our needs, and try to ignore the hefty subconscious price to be paid, as this eats away at our health on multiple levels and dimensions.

And a bit more from the internet:

The lunar nodes change signs every ~1.5yrs, going backwards through the signs (just like the direction for the shift in signs for where the sun rises at the Spring Equinox, i.e., our recent move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius).

Also note, the north and south node are now in opposite signs to where they were in 2012. Again, I feel like what we are experiencing now is 2012 delayed, because we were not ready for this in 2012, I know I wasn’t...

So, bringing this all together, we have:

A south node Sagittarius (I know what’s best) and a north node Gemini (I’d rather put on a mask and be liked, because it‘s important to get along) where our life purpose (Sun) can not coexist with our needs (Moon) because the challenges (Earth) are literally blocking the light. And the solution is always to find middle ground between opposing signs (Sagitarius/me-focused and Gemini/you-focused).

You can see how this ^^ has more applicable substance, than a post I shared here:

What to do?

Well, how about we bring some consciousness to:

How does our need to be right cause others to fail to get any attention paid to their needs?

Can we be more like the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Nodes, and find our alignment and integrity, within our selves and between each other!

If we add in the astrological house placement, for these points in the sky, at the exact time of the eclipse, at least for where we live, in Toronto Canada, we get:

Sun in the 12th house of being wise, reflecting on what worked and what did not, and health of the spiritual body (our life purpose) and Moon in the 6th house of being of service, mastering our skills, and health of the physical body (our needs).

To me, this is obvious, see my article from yesterday:

There is a need (moon) to follow our own ideals (Sagittarius), when it comes to the health of our physical bodies (6th house). We also need to consider, that our life purpose (sun) is spiritual evolution and growth (12th house). We need to see that there are many sides to everything (Gemini sun and north node). We are not the only ones who are right (Sagittarius south node). We are siblings (Gemini), with our own higher education (Sagittarius), about our selves (Gemini) and the world (Sagittarius). And, if you’ve ever tried to convince your sibling(s), that you are right and they are wrong, you probably know you can’t, because siblings are equals, with their own lives to live, and all we can do is love them anyways. It is our purpose (sun) and need (moon) to communicate with each other (Gemini), and share what we know (Sagittarius), despite unequal relationships (6th house), to face our hidden enemies (12th house), inside and out. The full moon phase is when we shine a light in the dark, to clearly see where we have been trying to go. And the momentary eclipse, reminds us of the importance, to align multiple aspects of our selves, to find a balanced center.

See how REAL astrology ^^ has so much more to offer, to guide us in life, than idealistic spiritual mumbo-jumbo? Because it has stood the test of time (5,000 years) and like most true spiritual wisdom, it is balanced and kind, the path of the sage.


Alahnnaa Campbell

(and co-teacher Stan Dynak)

Reach out to join us for our next round of Astrology training:

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