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Lions Gate explored

A friend mentioned that the Lions Gate Portal is open and this can make for a difficult month...

When I reached out to my astrology co-teacher, he said the classical planets are probably more of a concern right now, and their stress had a greater impact in 2020, which will continue into 2024/25.

So, what about the Lions Gate Portal?

According to this article ( the Lions Gate Portal is the alignment of Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Egyptian Pyramids (spiritual technology).

According to this book (Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity), we used to be very aligned, life was more predictable, with no seasons. Then we decided to fall from grace, to experience the seasons and change, which also meant the precession of the equinox, moving the constellation we see in the sky at the start of spring, between feminine and masculine dominance. Losing what we once held dear, sacred, and constant, “how life is”. We decided to evolve, which meant mass extinction of those unwilling/unable to adapt or change.

In order to actually understand astrology, you need to be able to find the pieces, their meaning, and put the story back together for yourself.

Yes, there are probably some people who believe that when you have alignment, a portal, important information or beings can come through or be accessed. What kind of information/beings?

According to this Orion is the origin of starseeds, who are here to teach spiritual wisdom. Are they all blue eyed, as the article suggests, I don’t think so. Can they access more information during this time, maybe. In order to do so, I suggest proper grounding and self care, otherwise trying to reach up for more information could destabilize the body, emotions, and mind, IMO.

What about Sirius?

My friend said this was special because it was occurring when the sun is in the sign of Leo, on my sister’s birthday (August 8th, the 8th or the 8th, 8 being about balance between above and below, and transformation between the two realms, it is also associated with the Strength Tarot card, which is about connecting to, taming, and working with the Lion inside us all).

In addition, Sirius is a fixed star (see:, that aligns with the sun on my mother’s birthday (July 7th, the 7th of the 7th, my sister and her have always had this special numeric bond). According to this article, the meaning for Sirius is a combination of Mars and Jupiter, a bright star, only outshone by Venus, suggesting that it is: warlike, rich, lucky, with a special destiny.

From this, I can draw my own conclusions.

My natal chart is easily ruled by Mars (Aries rising, Mars in cancer, moon on my Aries ascendant, sun in Scorpio), and my natal Venus conjuncts my natal north node and natal Pluto, which opposes my natal Eris, and Pluto is currently in a closing square with Eris (the sister of Mars).

I also have a tattoo on my left hip (Venus placement) of the yin yang (balance) and a gecko (spinal/spiritual alignment, kundalini rising), and a melting clock over a balsamic moon on my right shoulder (shadow side of Mars placement), time is running out, the war is over, we are melting, who knows?

You also have the Sirius Star Dog (7/7) and the Lions Gate Cat (8/8) yin yang symbolism to play with, if you wish.

As the daughter of Sirius (7/7) and the sister of Lions Gate (8/8), will my life shift because of this, maybe, if I engage with the energy and use it in an appropriate way, and maybe it will change me without my conscious awareness. We shall see.

But I can show gratitude to these women, who were there when I was growing up. My natal Jupiter sits in the 3rd house of communication and siblings, I write. Lesson 3 in Soul Contract is also the path of the leader, to put aside fears of unworthiness, and truly learn to listen and communicate deep inner truths, tied to the high priestess in the Tarot, and the planet Mars. Feminine/Masculine yin yang.

Soul Contract lesson 3 can also sit alone, or be paired with 12 (Libra, find balance in your life or meet your limits hard and fast) or 21 (Uranus, doing life the hard way, rolling a boulder uphill, to build endurance), because 1+2 and 2+1 = 3.

You may think this article is egotistical, or that many of my articles are egocentric, well the caged lion (Leo) is like that, and I do have my responsibility (natal Saturn) in Leo, in the 5th house of fun, this is my playground.

The sun (ruled by Leo) is supposed to be our playground, our life is supposed to be egocentric, because no one else really exists, we are the center of our own play, and everyone else is the backdrop, as we are for them. This world/life is a perfect puzzle, to unravel or not.

Astrology is not something to fear, or to believe blindly. But to understand how to deconstruct, and how to put the pieces back together again, to find your own meaning, so you can evolve and grow, should this be something you choose to do. To learn more about the astrology classes we offer, go here: or email


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