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Mama self-care!

Moms nowadays have a really hard job. Not just because the expectations and desires are high, to do right by your family and do right by your self. I.e., Women can work now, but that doesn’t mean the work at home is any less than it was before, sure we have devices and we can hire help, but that just raises the expectations for what we should be able to get done. And I’m not even talking about that!

What I am talking about is the generational mess we are having to clean up as moms, because we carry the burdens of our family and society.

Generations of insensitivity that has led us to a place of ancestral trauma, which has been passed down in our cells/DNA, and is on us and our kids to heal and clear.

We can‘t go on like this, because our kids are WAY too sensitive for the way we have been treating children for generations. And now we as mothers have kids who do not want to integrate with society as it is. And when we try to force them, because our extended family, friends, and society say FORCE THEM (believing that this is what we’ve always done), we all suffer greatly.

This is of course wrong and untrue. We didn’t always force our children.

Once upon a time (not that long ago) there were no boxed schools, and no aggressive vaccine or medical procedures. Kids were not forced. They were loved, accepted, cherished, mentored, trusted, and initiated through proper rights of passage, by their community of elders.

And these elders were likewise respected and in their power with high integrity. Not discarded in nursing homes with all kinds of numbed out illnesses. And the adults were not grown up children, running around like headless chickens, who believe age, education, money, and responsibilities are what makes them adults.

The trauma has gone on long enough!

Our kids are cross eyed, sensitive to clothes, sound, light, needing glasses, having frequent ear infections, getting labels for learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, OCD, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, conduct disorders, eczema, other mystery psychosomatic symptoms, and the list goes on.

We keep trying to fix them, when it is actually society that needs fixing! Our kids are showing us a NORMAL reaction to what we are doing to them!

And, as moms, what do we do?

Do we pull our kids from the system? Do we complain? If we do either of these our family and friends come down hard on us.

There are many articles on “how to support someone who is grieving”, there should likewise be many articles on “how to support someone who’s child is not entering the system with ease”, but I’ll give you a hint, step one is always: Don’t be an asshole!

So, mamas, where do we go?

Step one is self-care. You need a supportive virtual network (which you can find here: Support Their Light - Sensitive Kids) and a supportive health network, which includes practitioners who can literally make your body feel better.

Here are some people I recommend. If they are not local to you, take a look at the kind of work they do and see if you can find someone local to you for this (know that it is the practitioner that makes the difference, not so much the modality, they should be educating you about you, and working with them should feel like unconditional love/support, with high integrity and zero ego or pressure):

In addition, here is a great article you can read about the new modality I hope to train in this year (see below first to know what parts of this article to focus on): Energy Psychology using Light and Color

I came across it because my 4yr old is suffering (see Our 4yr old went to school today) And the only practitioner I could access for this modality was a body worker in the UK, who did the work remotely (with some success). He sent a report of what was done (which I greatly appreciated), but there was no room to talk it out (which I really needed), and it was very pricey, because we needed a lot of work done. And, as I looked more into this modality, I realized, this is not just one issue for one member of my family, it’s multiple issues for all of us. So it is actually cheaper for me to train in this modality and offer this to my family and clients, than it is to hire out. Not to mention, there is no one local offering this modality and I think in person support is critical. And the more I read about it, the more this modality ties into a lot of what I do and have been doing for the past 17yrs!

So, when you read the Energy Psychology with Light and Color article (link above), don’t overwhelm yourself! Just go to pages 6-8 to understand the stages of stress and see the degree to which you may be suffering. The more you are suffering, the harder it will be to see your own life path, potential, and inner beauty. Then skip to pages 12-14 for some techniques you can use to support yourself. It may say that you need to buy a product to make these techniques work, but try without. Put your hands on the areas mentioned in the article, ask for the information listed as being stored in that area to be communicated to you, and see what comes.

If you are not trained (or attuned) in any form of energy work, contact Maria Fiordalisis for a Reiki attunement and see if this improves your ability to connect.

The intro for this modality is this weekend for me. After this I will decide if and how to slowly try their products and procedures. If all continues to go well, I will invest in the year long training, and travel, with baby and childcare support in tow. Because our children can not wait any longer, we moms can not wait any longer!

I am very excited for this modality, to help my daughter, my family, myself, and my clients - as some people will literally suffer without clearing this stuff, and others will simply live a less good life. And I don’t want that for any of you!

Here is an article for you to understand the backlash I’ve been receiving when I am trying to bring LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to my family and clients: What “I believe in science” really means

It is always tough to say “we can do better”, because so many people are lying to themselves that “this is the best we can do”.

I feel for them, at the same time I feel for me, my family, and my clients.

Mama, you need to find some good self care, and it has absolutely nothing to do with a bottle of wine, chocolate, ice cream, and a bath (although, an Epsom salt bath with some personalized aromatherapy from Maria Fiordalisi would probably help, especially if you do some dry brushing before hand, dry brushing is honestly a $10 solution).

You need love mama! Even if you didn’t get it as a child, even if people (or your inner voice) say you don’t deserve it now, you do, you really do!

Your kids are counting on you, society is counting on you, the spiritual team is counting on you. Enough is enough. They have labeled enough kids, they have shamed enough moms, we all deserve better!

Peace and Love,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

Support Their Light - A service for parents with sensitive kids

And YES, I also have a Masters in Psychology/Neuroscience, specializing in how chronic stress and trauma lead to mental and physical illness. I have also done extensive study and application of multi-cultural spirituality and ancient wisdom, as well as parenting and mental health training and application. I am well respected in these communities. I definitely know what I am talking about, and I am honored to put myself forward as a candidate for this training and to serve others. Thank you!

YOU are equally qualified to ROCK your life, we all are! It’s time to step out of our self-limiting blinders. The multidimensional world needs us all to reclaim our personal power, to right this ship (or it will sink). You can do it! I am here if you need support. Enough is enough, right?

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