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Manifestation as form of con-troll, and what is our role in guiding children?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Many people seem to love to learn techniques about manifestation, law of attraction, and positive affirmations. But, I personally do not resonate with this approach to life. Why?

Because (to me) they are fake, and a form of con-troll. I prefer truth.

My core wound in Gene Keys is: to overcome denial, by becoming all knowing, so we can transform indifference, into versatility and eventually mastery.

People try and try and try to manifest what they want, and force themselves to do things they think they should, only to be met by more hardship, illness, and emotional pain. I know, I’ve done the latter bit too.

We have different core wounds (64x6 different permutations), and different ways to resolve them.

This means: we have at least 64x6 different ways to look at the world, and many more (depending on our level of spiritual maturity) to be triggered (or not) by the same situation.

All of this is ours to resolve for our selves, not others. They are never the problem. They are the background upon which our life speaks to us. As their interpretation of us is for them.

This is why we need to stop trying to convince others of what we think is true or right, and stop seeking someone else (or a larger and larger group) to validate what we want to believe is true.

For me, when I decide “I should be able to do ABC” spirit changes my life drastically.

Not always in a bad way, sometimes by giving my husband a promotion (sometimes more) to tell me “this is not my role in this lifetime”.

While mainstream would have us all worried about survival and safety, spirit has other work in mind for me. Work that I want to do, that I am gifted and well trained in, because I think about it all the time. And maybe it’s the same for you?

I don’t believe in trying to con-troll.

Just seeing life for what it is. Being aware of the choices I am making, and how they contribute to my experience. And making choices that allow for peace. So we can align, have health, and flourish. Instead of beating our head against a wall, trying to do the right thing, with positive affirmations, of what we think we should be.

Remember the old saying “if you want to make god laugh, make a really big plan”?

Nature always has a better plan. Balance and flow and lessons learned by all. The easy way or the hard way.

Don’t underestimate what another is doing. Torture or virtue, life is always fair. We learn best from our visceral experience. No matter how long it takes us to understand and grow.

And, sometimes, someone else can do the opposite of what is right for us and achieve things we never could, even if we did the same as them.

This is why we each get our own life to live, and why parenting, co-parenting, or any work with others can be very interesting.

What is our role in guiding children?

I am fully aware that someone else’s truth might be “manifestation, all the way”. And that’s ok. To be fair, there are ways to call things to us, but, we don’t always know what we are going to get… no matter what we try.

Of course, my kids pulled me away from finalizing this article (because it was not final), and to show me what I do and what I missed.

What I do is: I state my preference for my kids, and then they decide to comply or not. I don’t discipline them, they are my disciples, and I am theirs, we teach each other how we would like to be treated, and what we’ve discovered has and has not worked for us.

And then I found this article, when I was looking for something else:

…the highlights show, clearly I have read it. But, when I read it, I did not know what I know now about zero point, which is just tuning into the present moment, the space from which connection and everything is possible.

I wanted to say manifestation is making life harder than it needs to be, con-troll is like that. And, you don’t really get much harder than quantum physics.

Nevertheless, far be it for me to say, that one can not manifest. Even if there is a Manifestor and Manifesting Generator type in Human Design, and even if I don’t understand them that way. People always want to know “does that mean I can make what I want happen in my life?”.

I am not here to prove I can force my will. I am here to work with what is. And to assess things for what they are. My heart is opened (in Human Design) after all.

Yes, beliefs do create our reality, and we can choose different beliefs, but nothing good comes from lying to our selves, in my opinion.

Sending love. This is what life has taught me. How about you?

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