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Maybe the Elohim “Rapture” would be supportive for you too?

This morning I felt stressed. I’ve felt stressed a few times lately, but not too much, throughout what we’ve been going through.

When I feel stressed I take time for myself, to process how I feel, so that I can return to my life, as a mom of 3 young kids, with more capacity to do what I need to do. Even though doing so can sometimes add stress, because it takes from my husband’s time (to watch the kids) and throws me off my routine. Regardless, doing so is critical for all.

Today I ran this brainwave program (~35min):

...and spent half of this time also addressing the issue using Divine Healing.

There are several stress programs; this one for conflict stress, one for hormone related stress, one for stress that is causing serious illness, and another for migraine, shoulder, and neck pain.

When I turn to these modalities for support, I always list the issues that I am aware of that are impacting me first.

Then I do an Esogetics diagnostic and/or I turn to Divine Healing, to see what I may not be aware of yet, that could help.

Today I got: releasing the fears of others, and the Rapture Elohim.

Rapture, according to Divine Healing, is about loosening and allowing everything that no longer fits to be lifted out, so that Rapture can create a bridge, between all aspects of wholeness, so that they can commune and communicate. This allows for new realities/beliefs to emerge and for the blueprint/plan to merge with the sub-atomics/physical field, across all realities and dimensions. This transformation can take place within a person or between people, to create unity.

I finished this book, and created the drawing below, last week, to remind me of the process that I an going through:

Aligning all of the lessons, from my many past lives, clearing the collective programming, to be of service, as the ascended master that I am, remembering what is true and what is important, and letting everything else go.

And then, we were able to have another great day:

Maybe this is something you can benefit from as well?


Alahnnaa Campbell

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