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Migraines from a RetoreChi and Esogetic perspective

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

So many women suffer from recurrent migraines. They can be hard to treat, because the path each of us takes to any symptom can be different. We are not interested in just numbing the pain, but rather listening to how the present condition came about, why the body is screaming for help, so we can appreciate and treat root cause.

From an Esogetic perspective, our physical body literally unfolds in utero and after birth and our soul/spirit embodies, unless it encounters blocks (unresolved conflict), which creates pain.

Of course, Esogetics and RestoreChi both have treatments for headaches and migraines, but neither of them work for me.

From a RestoreChi perspective, the kidneys need to be kept warm enough to produce steam, which rises to keep all of the organs happy and moist. Some signs of loss of this warmth and moisture include dry mouth, skin, lips, and absence of an easy bowel movement first thing in the morning. Also, as I will get to below, women are subjected to a lot of exposure and attack to their uterus (close enough to disturb kidney function) through c-sections, fertility treatments, testing, implants, removal, not to mention the clothes we wear... Plus many women experience issues with fear/anxiety/panic (tied to kidney function), for goodness sake, they literally called it "hysteria", because of the tie to women and hysterectomy, the uterus.

Not only does heat (anger/frustration and passion, wood and fire, liver and heart) rise into the head because there is not enough circulating water to keep it in check (heat/spirit is supposed to descend, while coolness/earthly experience rises), here is an Esogetic image that shows even the foot has a representation of the torso, and the torso is always dually represented in what is called the "folded man":

The torso folds over roughly below the chest, the face lands in the pelvis, with the back of the head falling roughly where the uterus would sit in a woman, with the neck over the lower digestive organs.

Most people can sense that migraines are not just onesided, often inervating the eyes, but they also run down the back of the neck and into the shoulders, in a nauseous digestive way, some believe due to the involvement of the vagus nerve, with its ties to rest/digest and fight/flight/freeze, literally, the words are all there for us to see!!!

In RestoreChi, two culprits for preventing the kidneys from doing their job of producing and circulating steam to keep all the organs happy and functioning well are Uterus Chill and Bladder Chill. A sign of Bladder Chill is getting up to pee multiple times a night. A sign of Uterus chill is a cold lower belly.

Our lower belly is also colder if we carry a layer of fat in that area (fat is a way to store toxins and trauma that we are not ready to process to try to keep it off our heart, moms often don't have the time to process these things because their kids need them to be stable). Failing to tuck our shirts in day and night (common for nursing moms) and frequent exposure to cold water and wind (common for moms who have to watch their kids play outdoors or in bodies of water for as long as kids want to play) also result in chill in this area. I have also grown to suscepect that drinking alcohol (and maybe even regular juicing) can also freezes this area, as it causes frequent peeing, which means not enough time to convert water to steam.

When there is chill, dampness can set in, which causes pain. There are RestoreChi tracks to address all of this Chill and Dampness, and also to restore the organs involved, including: Kidneys, Liver, Spleen, not to mention Full Healing, Central Governing, Belt Meridian, and Reconnect 5 organs (addressing multiple planes of energy flow). And tracks to clear the build up of phlegm, gout, negative energy, and more.

Early signs that my system was beginning to suffer included: frequent night peeing, loss of the early morning bowel movement, my feet hurt along the shoulder neck area, my heels routinely fail to shed dead skin (a build up of garbage in my head), my ankles felt a breeze, the skin on my shins and lips were very dry, I bit my lip. Water was not circulating well. While dads may stress about work, moms tend to carry a lot of burden on their shoulders, because they are concerned about supporting the well-being of each family member.

We grow and birth babies, they take from our body to build their body, and then we often put their needs ahead of ours, until we collapse, and then they have to learn that mommies have needs too, which is good for them to know. Look at these images:

The middle image represents the right hand. The middle 3 fingers represent our spiritual parents. Our light energy descends in a zigzag (or lightening bolt) form into our body, from the top of our head, to the left side of our head, and then to the right, before landing in our body (left then right), but it can get stuck. The left side of the head, where I often get my migraines, is the father, he is supposed to receive our energy and guide us in how to express it in this world. If you follow me on Facebook, you will see all my father does is criticize and shut me down. My mother (right side of the head) on the other hand is completely absent. One might say this is good, to be absent from social media, but one of the reasons she is absent is because she doesn't want to hear what I have to say (even my sister has stopped following me because my truths don't sit well with her). You could say, well that's nice that my dad sticks by me, when the women in our lives abandon, but his intention is to (yes see pictures of his grandkids, but also to) try to control me. I can't really blame my parents, they do what they think is best for themselves and for me. But this is the conflict, this is the migraine.

If you look at the last photo, in the set of 3 above, you will see the skull sutures. And just above and behind the temples are sutures 1&2 which represent me&you. This is where I hold tension. This is what our parents are supposed to teach us: how to express who we are, while also taking into consideration who the other is. How many parents fail to see, hold, guide, and accept us in this way? And the fall out is not only migraines, but an inability to walk in this life as who we are, hence foot, ankle, and shin pain. Our sun (core of being, life purpose) also shines out from the center of our torso (where we are folded and trying to unfold), which it can not do, if we are full of phlegm, dampness, and chill, from poor dietary, drinking, and self care choices. If our parents didn't show us we deserve to be cared for, then it is unlikely we will choose to care for ourselves, unless we have found a way to let go.

It's actually pretty easy to undo and set right, when you have the right tools and guidance, and you're willing to do the work, to change the way you look at things.

I was discouraged that I still need someone outside of myself to test me to discover how to correct and release my pain. I felt I should be able to do this on my own by now. But I am here to learn, so I need more information to do so, and I am also here to support moms, so they can support their family, and moms who are actively parenting unfortunately don't have the luxury of uninterrupted time to hone our intuitive gifts, as we are lending part of our senses out to recognize and support the needs of our (spouse and) kids, and so, it is normal, that the path I take and lead others on, has support from those not tied so closely to the responsibility of parenting, as many say, we are not meant to do this alone.

Astrology is also helpful, as you can see, the fingers above are tied to astrological planets (and signs), and where and how these planets sit in our natal chart offers very personalized guidance on the psychology behind our symptoms, and the way out, as does the sensitivity of our fingers, see: Assess Yourself using Esogetics.

And for more about how removing Bladder and Uterus Chill are important first steps, see the 2020 video on my RestoreChi webpage.

I hope this is helpful, and gives you some ideas, about how you can help yourself (and get support), to release physical, emotional, and psychological pain, improve self care, and gain compassion for your self, your parents, and your kids.

For another example of how RestoreChi and Esogetics go hand in hand, giving you the health to be able to work on your life lesson, see this post.

When I took psychiatric meds for 10-15yrs to settle my anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, I knew it was taking 10yrs off my life on average, and I didn't care, because a life full of suffering cut short by 10yrs was fine by me. But what I didn't realize was: it wasn't just a life full of health just 10yrs shorter that I was getting. But a life full of pain (that I passed down to the children who grew inside of me) that would eventually take me, because the drugs (regular doses of toxins) and refusing to work on our life lessons (karma) is what takes us out, and not in a nice way (a gunked up engine that eventually refuses to turn). The alternative is to work on our life lessons, let them go, and enjoy life. It's not always easy, but it feels better to do it, than to avoid doing it. One of my teachers says "the only bad karma (which means action) is failing to work on our karma". Not to minimize how hard life can be. But for so long, I have watched my mom with her debilitating conditions, and I know they are coming for me, if I choose to take meds instead of doing the work.

While there is an Esogetic treatment that at times can relieve heel spur (or planter fasciitis) pain immediately, if it doesn't work for you, this is another perspective, which is great, as I missed the opportunity to learn about foot reflexology treatments from an Esogetic perspective, and I strongly believe in going to people who have invested in mastering a technique, as opposed to those who dable across multiple disciplines (unless, like me, it's the connections that you seek). Of course, some people would disagree with their recommendations for restrictive/supportive shoes. And I have to wonder, if the recent uptick in planter fasciitis (as mentioned in the linked article) might also have to do with the release of a man made virus, followed by ineffective preventive measure(s), both of which are known to clog the body with garbage, making it harder for us to walk our life path... RestoreChi and Esogetics have ways to help there too.

Be sure to check out part two, here.

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