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We all have such a unique perspective, it’s important to share what we see

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I will edit and populate this post with the things I see, from my unique vantage point, and I hope you will add what you see in the comments as well.

The intention is for all of us to have a more complete perspective of the whole. More eyes and ears in our very real community.

I left science because science doesn’t help the individual, because it doesn’t look at any one individual, it looks at the averages, and removes anyone who does not align with the story they want to tell.

No thank you.

I just want to know my story, and your story.

The best moments I had in my 10yrs of science, was sitting with real life people, talking about their real life experience, and that is not what made it into the published papers, and that didn’t make it any less real or important, for any of us.

Social media is for each of us to express our selves, our story, and nothing else.


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