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Stopping unhealthy thought patterns

A friend/client sent me this:

It's true. When we finally feel sick, we have an opportunity to heal. I've been working with this series:

And I now realize what is missing for me. For me, it is unhelpful for people to say "I hate my life too, but I do it", what would be more helpful is to focus on "I feel that way too sometimes" period. Then it's an opportunity for both to decide whether to continue to do what we are doing or to change our lives towards something that is more aligned. I very much dislike the culture of "well I have to, so you have to".

When I look at the table for the downstairs brain animals (above), I know my youngest drops to tiger brain the majority of the time. And I know from Robyn Gobbel's work that people drop to watchdog (her version of Tiger) when others drop to possum (her version of pretty much all of the other downstairs brain animals combined) because they do not want to be dragged down into possum energy. It's better to think that the situation is not life threatening and there is something one can do, than to panic and play dead.

My youngest is a reflector by human design, the rarest type, here to be surprised (as opposed to disappointed) by life, and here to reflecting the state of health of everyone around her.

I've seen her drop into watchdog when people squirrel what they have. She will literally tear them apart, to know what it is they are hiding, and then want to hang onto whatever it is, until she has determined the next step for resolution.

I've also seen her have a complete meltdown because nervous adults point out where she is getting in the way of her sister's class, when, the next day, without the presence of these nervous adults, she leaves the pool peacefully, allowing her sister to do her class.

While I do not like that she literally hurts others, and herself, when she drops into her downstairs brain. She is merely informing us of how the people around her are making her feel, because they too are in their downstairs brain.

Like when I drop my son off at school, if he starts to turtle, she starts to want to break out of the car, and run to the corner store, or ride the bikes in the school hall, whatever craziness, that she does not display, if he can leave the car in a regulated, upstairs brain, owl state.

I have no idea when I will be able to trust my youngest to enter society (I.e., mainstream programs and public school) without me there to stop people from getting hurt. I do know the energy she carries, based on her soul contract and Esogetic numerology, and I know my role. I am grateful for everything my kids (and clients/friends) bring to my attention, so that I can improve my understanding, and the way I support and treat others.

If I don't want the punisher (the one misusing her power) to descend on those who still have work to do on themselves, then I need to get better at how I am able to explain things to others: downstairs brain, upstairs brain.

More and more, I am not healing children, but guiding parents to see that their children are trying to show them, what in them, needs to be healed.

Our nervous systems are contagious, so we can understand how to support one another.

I hope this helps.


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