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Puppets on strings - shadow work with the dwarf planets

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Read (along with another article) for you here:

I like the saying in this image, but, I will also disagree, because, though our early life experience will shape us, the timing of our maturity is still relative. I was making myself a healthy breakfast, with vegetables this morning, and I was thinking about how much my family really did hate me as a child. They hated me because I was capable and saw through everything. And, I didn't mature early. I took my life at age 15yrs. I finally dated someone kind by age 29yrs, and had kids at age 34, 37, and 41yrs. I am a very late bloomer in self-care, because the deconditioning period from being hated was very long.

That said, when I look at my astrology (and when others have glanced at it) we see something quite remarkable, which is why I study astrology and share this with others.

The first thing I was told was "If I don't get on my spiritual path, I will suffer a lot of health problems". Then I was told "I may be key in helping women out of this conundrum of caring for their family and having their own self-care and success in life". Then I was asked "Is that really when and where I was married" followed by "Your chart looks a lot like that of Martin Luther" (not the "King" below, though his chart is also similar to mine).

You can't imagine the self-forgiveness I found, to understand what it means to have an Aries-Libra south-to-north-node trajectory. Among many other things in Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and otherwise, this is why I provide the services that I do (and why I write about my self as an example). Not to feed my ego, but so that you too can love and forgive yourself. People hate us, because they can not handle us being in our power, because it means they too need to step into their power, to be kind, to be better, no more excuses!

My most recent journey has been into the Asteroids and Dwarf Planets:

While I was taught "Traditional Astrology" and I value it so much that I co-teach with my teacher, because knowing what has a solid basis in astrology, allows me to branch out into these "newer" wings of astrology, and still "be reasonable".

My astrology teacher would probably fall over at all these non-traditional symbols and glyphs (some I made up to make more sense for me), as well as the mess of traditional and non-traditional aspect lines in the middle of the circle. I will translate for you:

What I am doing right now, is only really counting exact matches on the degree, or off by a few degrees, or a chain of conjunct planets, as I assume they all work together, even if the furthest to the left is more than a few degrees from the furthest to the right, if they are together with minimal spacing between all the planets in between, I treat them as if they all work together in a big group.

So, #1, what are the chances, that of all the optimized names I would try, I would choose a name Alahnnaa (in Soul Contract AH and E have the same phonetics, so this Alahnnaa is essentially the same as Alennaa or Alena, when we drop the redundant letters), who's asteroid sits at the exact degree of my natal Sun?! Ahead by only 21 minutes (Soul Contract lesson 21 is represented by the planet Uranus, which is out of the box genius, which is conjunct, by my group definition, my natal Sun, Mercury, and more).

Next, Orcus, which is about liking things to be in perfect in order, and actually being a perfect example oneself, this would explain why (conjunct my natal Mars, where I put my energy) my astrological chart, and everything else is in perfect order, down to the degree!

This was a post/email I received from Alignable:

Of course, my honest answer of "nothing" is not really what most people want to hear.

As my mom said on my wedding day "the only thing she has ever seen me fail at was trying to shove a square peg into a round hole". I've always thought I had an unfair advantage. I always have and get everything I need. Though mostly, I need very little, I am quite resourceful, and willing to walk, which helps!

So, back to the above astrological chart. Bodies at the same degree, I count the number of signs away:

  • same sign = 0 degrees away = a relationship where one doesn't know oneself without the other

  • 1 sign away = 30 degrees = a missed opportunity relationship

  • 2 signs away = 60 degrees = a cheerleading relationship

  • 3 signs away = 90 degrees = a constant struggle, can't see eye to eye, needing to let go of some things relationship

  • 4 signs away = 120 degrees = a supportive relationship

  • 5 signs away = 150 degrees = a relationship that needs constant adjustment

  • 6 signs away = 180 degrees = a relationship that needs to learn balance, but can be a very good relationship with proper perspective (unlike all of the above)

  • And then the pattern repeats itself in reverse for the second half of the circle, you'll figure it out!

2002 AW and my "oh this just dawned on me" glyph is square my ascendant, descendant, and moon. No wonder all my articles just dawn on me! In addition, my sideways heart symbol (GongGong) cheerleads my ascendant (who I am) and moon (what I need, my intuition) and supports my descendant (who I meet).

Which is why, despite my assuming I am not liked for what I have to say, I actually am liked, because the way I say things does carry an air of emotional intelligence and love, because I have very little ego (despite appearance to the contrary), and I am willing to work on myself, when I find truths (like the Dwarf Planet placements), that I need to face and be more honest with, though uncomfortable, in order to grow and feel better about who I am.

MakeMake also slips under this 19-20-22 degree wire, offering some shocking surprise, cheerleading the people I meet (descendant), supporting how I am seen (ascendant) and my intuition (moon), but a bit of a missed opportunity for my sudden realizations (AW), which may offer balance to the degree to which I can be loved (GongGong). I was born under the cross of the unexpected in Human Design, after all.

Orcus and Mars cover my 28th to 29th degree, and I should also add in Saturn, where the opportunity can be missed. Saturn is also conjunct the asteroids that carry the name of two of my children, not shown, so I know, my ambitions take me away from my true responsibility, my kids! And, Pallas Athena and 2002 MS4 are also at this degree, Pallas squares my action (Mars) and cheerleads my responsibility (Saturn). I've seen some people describe Pallas as fighting right, but, to me, Pallas killed her sister and then put her sister's name "Pallas" in front of her own "Athena", so, it speaks more to my suicide and walk-out walk-back-in, where I don't know who I serve sometimes, the original life, or the walk in, and I also feel Pallas Athena is a punished woman, who felt she would be more accepted if she were more masculine and more aligned with men and daddy, which I have been at times. And 2002 MS4 is someone who searches for knowledge, this supports my responsibility (Saturn) and requires constant adjustment to where I want to put my action (Mars). So, this business of mine, being home (and at school) with my kids, and expanding how I can be of service, by understanding how this all works, is a good fit!

My Aries ascendant and moon bores easily, so, for now, I will point out that I also have a clump around 2-4-6 degrees, around 9-11 degrees, the mid teens, and a clump around my Sun and my north node, which create larger brackets that group together.

I'll write more when I can, if I am inspired to do so.

I'll close with this:

...from the book which taught me a lot about the Dwarf Planets (Trans Neptune Objects, TNOs) "More Plutos" along with a nod to Ghandi and his creative way to show his countrymen to refuse to register, fighting the law with non-violence, and simply accepting the consequences (so I can't get into a movie theatre or restaurant, travel, and my kids had to drop some of their programs, we have our health, each other, and we're saving money):

Following unlawful, racist, controlling, anti "people who make alternative choices for their life/health" rules, is not following law at all!

One more thing to add, for now, is we choose our astrology. The reason my astrology looks the way it does is not to make anyone feel bad. It’s because I didn’t come in to mess around and amass wealth and worry about my looks and who likes me. I came in for a purpose, I don’t come often, I didn’t need any additional roadblocks, and my sense is: anyone who is drawn to my work, is similar in their purpose, or their child or loved one is, and that is why they may seek me for guidance, to understand, to get on board, to become more aligned. Life was not meant to be any harder than it is, for many of us. We do well in many lifetimes, in order to gain access to a life, that is only hard where the lessons are and where visceral experience is needed, and is otherwise easy. So we can go further, in supporting others.

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