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Roots and Wings and Doreen Virtue

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

If you think there is danger outside your door and you need to hoard and get a g-u-n to protect your family, the danger is already inside your mind, and will breed to destroy your family, life, and everything you touch.

I am not trying to be mean, but we are in a time of quick reflections, to balance polarities.

This is not supposed to lead to polarization, it’s supposed to lead to duality (two sides to every coin, and everything in between, on multiple planes of existence, and dimensions).

Here are two polarities: Doreen Virtue, wrote about the crystal children, past lives, made numerous oracle card decks, and then denounced the new age and turned “Christian”:

There is nothing wrong with Jesus, especially if you include Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. This is Christ Consiousness unconditional love energy that heals all.

The new age people got upset: “how dare she!”. And I responded “why not, she already gave the new age so much of her time, wisdom, and products, why can’t she give some of her self to the religious side?”.

I think those who get mad when things change still have a lot of work to do, and that is what can be wrong with both spirituality and new age, both can be fake but feel entitled to their beliefs. In fact, even the people speaking out now against things, they think they are so righteous, and they are, but that is just step one, they are waking up, but they still have a long ways to go to see it all more clearly.

The people who are scared right now and who think violence, hoarding, and protection (a V/M/Remote Self Sustained Community) is going to protect them (although it’s nostalgic to think about a return to tribal native communities, where we imagine we protected each other, but against what, the others?, no thanks, we are here to expand, not to global control but to global connection, come-passion, communication, vision and valuing each and the all), don’t know who they are. So they cling to their ego, their beliefs, their rights, they cheat, to get what they feel entitled to, and they blame others. Others including those who just tried to do what they thought was right, even though it may have been wrong. Or those who scream because they are excited or mad or because they are trying to draw attention to show that someone’s actions lack integrity.

Everyone is going to get slapped around because everyone needs to relinquish their ego. I died at age 15yrs. It still took me almost 25yrs after that to finally let my ego go, the armor is thick, inside and out.

Some say this is the time of Pluto (endings to allow for new beginnings) and Eris (letting go of the bloody competition: “I like to win, but I like it better if you lose”).

Here is the cover to a book about Eris:

The book is called the 10th planet because Pluto (the former 9th planet) was downgraded to a dwarf planet and Eris is equal in size.

It seems like the progress of the relationship between Pluto and Eris has been much faster in the last 44+ years, because of the elliptical shape of the orbit of many of the newly found astrological bodies (not just plain simple round anymore).

An ellipse is an expanded circle, and the shape of an eye/I. We are supposed to open our eyes, see more, expand consciousness, not be so tunnel visioned, looking only at the easily identifiable problem, the tip of the iceberg. Some of us have to dive (into the rabbit hole, and out into space), for us to understand more, as we just presented in the last class for Can Astrology Guide Us for the next 5-10yrs? Happy to run it again, if there is interest, although we highly recommend (but don’t require) people train in our level 1 & 2 first, as this is advanced!!

There are also learning pods called Roots and Wings (RAW for short, which just makes me think of beating kids raw, so that they will grow their roots, in the place and way you want, so they will look good for you, and be able to provide good fruit). Industrialization, factory school. I don’t know if this is their website, and I am sure they are not in it to hurt children. I’m guessing their concept is: strong roots, then you can fly free?

Except you can’t fly if you have roots! Try to imagine it, and you will see how energetically stuck you are! Like a Chinese finger trap, pull and you’re stuck.

And why Eris? Well, she is rooted in her old behavior of being a bitch, pointing out the flaws of others, she will never get love this way, she will never fly. I am totally talking about who I used to be and can still be at times. When we are rooted in our attachments, we can’t fly.

When the ground gets very uncomfortable, all nature can do to budge us, is to create a landslide, flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc. Slapped in the face, you got to let your ego go.

Whether this is by seeing “hey, there is a reason some people don’t want to put poison in their arm”, or “hey, there is a reason someone might be willing to do that, not realizing it could hurt others” or that we could just be different: different sensitivity, different life lessons, etc.

Mastery comes when, no matter what anyone does, you can adjust. The master is simply kind and reminds you that they see you and you are still god and so is someone else.

Pop up solutions for kids run by or for kids from families who did not see the flaws in the school system preC are not going to be run with kindness in the beginning, because all they are trying to do is recreate the system, without the thing that disrupted their ego. When the thing just wanted them to drop their ego and let the kids be free!

If the tree got blown away in a flood/landslide/hurricane, should we just shove it back in the ground and barricade it with a gate and g-u-n-s to protect it? Would that even help? I’m pretty sure the tree would die, surrounded by that kind of energy. The damn thing wanted to be FREE! Roots and wings!!

People would benefit from paying some respect to the shoulders they stand on. The ones who built before the slap. The unschoolers, the forest schools, the free schoolers, the moms with babies in arms, the babes themselves, teaching as they go.

I love that many of my teachers now are in the last 3rd of life, the wise elders who did not bow to the system or run in the wheel (at least not their whole life), who have taken years to detox, soften, learn to respect children, step away from the status, money, and looks to find peace, real health, and service to others.

In closing, I wanted to say, this is how it works:

…you go out, you go in, you go out, you go in, until you can go out further, and find the in, inside of you, no matter where life takes you, or what natural or human disaster may come around. Peace can be everywhere you are, if you make the effort to create it!

I know it’s tempting, but don’t wall up to protect your heart, that’s too easy, and so is distraction and getting drunk or high. Instead simply open your heart further, take space, and see it will heal itself, as you hold space for others to find their way. Masters are masters, they are not better, they know they don’t have to win.

The question “are you ok?” has at least two meanings (be more specific when you ask it): are they ok to talk to about your pain AND are they in pain and in need of something from you?

Be kind always, even when you don’t get what you want, try not to assume the worst of others, even if you think their flaw is plain as day, and they hate it because you see what they want to hide, not only from you but from themselves. It’s ok.

Sending love, as the circle goes round and round and round, until we are purified. And even when we are, the yin yang teaches us that balance is a bit of light in your dark and a bit of dark in your light, not all black and all white, but both, gray. Jesus and his two fish:

I have two tattoos on my body (one on the shadow side of Mars and one on the light side of Venus), my new self planted them there until she was able to clear my old self and then she could remember what they are for.

On the shadow of Mars: is the balsamic moon with a melting clock. This could symbolize: knowing when it is time to end the old games, clean up, reflect, and get ready for the start of a good new cycle, no fear needed, we all die, we all get sick, this too shall pass.

On the light side of Venus: is a yin yang with a gecko in my old school colors. Geckos balance their temperature by moving to different locations and they change their colour (as in the way they do things and how they act and what they believe etc) in order to achieve balance. They don’t try to stay the same, they are willing to grow and regrow (like a tongue if you cut it).

You planted yourself similar seeds, in many places, that we can look at, to see ”who are you trying to become?”

All of this, is a chance at mastery and refinement, not fight and fear.

If you are in fight or fear, it’s ok, find yourself someone to help you detox: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Either, or, both, and all.

When you heal on one level, you heal on the others. God wouldn’t have made a plan like this, without a whole bunch of ways that you could get it right. There is no one right side of history, that is his-story, this is our-story. God is you, you made your life plan, because we are all god, we are one.

Sending love.

Anger is what gives you the energy to transform, don’t waste it by pointing it at others, that just drains your own battery/tank, and then you go nowhere. Eris is the sister of Mars, after all. She learns well from her brother.

We are collectively experiencing the "Dark Night of the Soul". Its ok, it always feels like this. The ego plays tricks on us, because the only thing that is dying right now is our ego. And, you don't need your ego to survive. They say "your ego keeps you safe", its not true, that is part of the conditioning and the old way of being here. The game of life is getting an upgrade. We've sunk to the depths and now we are in clean up mode so we can go back up, closer to who we really are. Remember who you really are!!

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