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Sinus congestion, forgiving parents who were taught to ignore what they know to be true

One symptom I had with all my pregnancies and that drives me crazy, is sinus congestion and an inability to breathe. It’s one of the few things I may use medication for.

In Esogetics Medicine the maxilary sinus is where we store our sexual trauma.

For a kid, sexual trauma is being shamed about normal toileting, letting go of poo and toxins!

When I was a kid I was send to school too early. So early in fact, that when all the kids walked around the dog poop, I walked through. This story has been told to me my entire life, that and that I was kicked out because they couldn't manage a 2.5yr old who was not fully toilet trained with the rest of the class. Again, my family never let this story go.

This week at camp, a child walked through the poo, when everyone else walked around, who cares.

We also have kids with issues of just going to the bathroom in nature or in their swimsuit.

This is from all the con-troll, for what is right and what is wrong.

We all pee, we all poo, we all make mistakes, and the more you try to con-troll, the less we can poo and the less we can breathe.

Realizing these connections cleared my sinus congestion instantly.

Yes, I was sexually abuse as a young teen, but maybe that too was because I couldn’t resolve my needs as a young child to be able to poo and to be with people who can wait until I am ready to be sent to school.

And now I have my kids who teach me.

Gratitude for this life, that never forgets to teach what we failed to integrate before:

Corresponding music video:

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