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Swollen left ring toe

Your body speaks to you often, because your unprocessed trauma is stored in your body. Your body screams at you with pain and symptoms, because you need to address these issues in order to stay in touch with your life plan. This is the only way for you to maintain your health. We are supported from our life source, only when we are acting in alignment with our life plan.

This is why we suffer as we get older, because we are losing touch with our life plan, not because we’re “getting old”.

Here is an example, but I am only going to focus on the left ring toe for now:

A swollen left ring toe means something happened from age 0-3yrs (in particular at conception, when the waters broke, and/or at age 3yrs) that prevented the download of the person’s life program. And because this is the feet and not the hands, this issue has landed in the body and is causing destruction.

In the first 3yrs of life all of our needs are supposed to be met, so we feel safe enough to be here, and can set up our hormonal, emotional, and stress systems to run well for life.

Unfortunately, this is when most parents sleep train their kids and force them to separate and be in care sooner than they are ready, not to mention denying them breastmilk for as long as they need it and rushing toilet training, imposing their eating beliefs, and so much more. Also, mothers can develop postpartum depression, especially if delivery was hard or support from the partner and family is lacking. There could also be other life stress, like loss of job, poverty, war, etc. Many conceptions are not ideal, sex can be forced (even in marriage), and there may not be love for one’s partner, despite who pretends what, and so on.

Finally, life travels from the baby finger on the left, to the baby finger on the right, then the baby toe on the right to the baby toe on the left. This is called “start-destination strategy” in Esogetic Medicine.

We need to complete this cycle again and again to have health and rebirth into a better versions of ourselves, in the same lifetime and across lifetimes. If we don’t, we suffer and die, life after life.

It’s that simple.

Listen to your body, care for yourself.

What you heal in you, becomes a lesson you don’t need, and thus, saves your family from the lesson as well.

I.e., if you can’t learn you may lose a loved one in hospital, but if you do learn, they may survive, and then all of you get another chance, until the next lesson comes, and hopefully you find a way to learn.

I hope this helps 💕

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