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The illusion of what it takes for spiritual evolution or health

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I was sad time hear that people believe spiritual growth and health is something only attainable by the wealthy, such as Gregg Braden and his crew.

I know, disconnecting from the mainstream beliefs of survival and the need to adhere to the vack-seen schedule is hard. I was actually perusing my GaiaTV membership and came across this video:

...and it’s all the same. A few key vack-seens (clean and well built) and a bit of technology (clean and well tested) would probably be fine. But the greed behind these companies and their consumers allows them to push beyond the limits of safety. It’s no different from what they have done to our food, depleting it of nutritional value, it’s all lies, and, to me, criminal to pass any of this off as something that is ok to put into our bodies, just because it taste good. It’s insane!

I understand, people who have lived in developing countries have seen horrible disease and believe vack-seens have eradicated these illnesses. Maybe once upon a time, it depends on who you talk to. But, the places where you see horrible illness tend to get the left over vack-seens that we do not permit to go into our children over here, and instead we permit our kids to be numbed down by a schedule of repeated vack-seens for no good reason, many not realizing what an assault this is on their bodies, that are not fully developed enough yet to protect themselves, not to mention with no informed consent of the risk.

Although this article is not intended to be about vack-seens, it’s all a part of the picture. The more you do what the reality consensus says, the more it is your reality.

Gregg Braden and his crew are well off for two reasons: 1) they need to show that their method of being can earn money, sadly people tend to only follow your advice if you look successful, and 2) they are here to play and that is what they wanted to play with in this life.

I, on the other hand, have a different soul mission. I have absolutely no interest in being under the microscope of fame, I prefer to grow. That doesn’t mean that they are not growing, they are, you live you grow, but what they see as important to visit and show, I have inside of me. If you look at my soul contract, gene keys, human design, astrology, mayan calendar, you will see I will never have to worry about money. What I make I give, what I know I teach. I have no desire to be above another. To live in debt and to live in wealth is all the same to me. I have couch surfed and sat with the homeless and had various experiences of well-off-ed-ness. My dad jokes that: the more education I get, the less money I make.

Sadly, I know people with the same gene keys markings for wealth and they simply focus on being poor. It’s a choice!

Likewise, I know many who have chosen not to have kids, in order to “focus on their spiritual growth”, they don’t realize that being a parent, being weighed down in this way, enhances your spiritual growth, and gives an opportunity to the next generation of souls. We stand on each others shoulders, to get each generation further onto shore.

Also, likewise, people don’t realize that when you adhere to the vack-seen schedule or the school curriculum, you actually rob your self and your family of the joy if navigating the healing arts, and your own educational path.

I hope this article is helpful in raising awareness.

”Consciousness informs itself through its creations” ~ what are you creating and why?

See how shallow some people are, trying to amass more and more wealth at this time? You can get upset at them if you want to. Here is fuel for your fire, if you so choose. But in truth, anyone focused on money right now is still playing the old paradigm of survival...

Some people who are doing well right now simply have a good business model, and are providing a service that works well in a time like this. Like it or not, they don’t owe us any more than that, and it is us who can choose not to buy. Others may be severely misguided, and it will be their own sword that they fall on in the end.

This world is not about money - be it paper, coin, metal, or digital numbers in a system. We are all way more powerful than that!

I have seen some striking soul contracts, including parts of my own that are not even accessible on paper.

We are multidimensional beings, who project ourselves into this reality, where all of us are one and the other does not exist, and from their perspective, we don’t really exist either. The perfect puzzle. Only possible in a reality based on illusion.

Everything you see, you see for your own growth. It may seem like we all have the same reality, but we do not.

I may try to inspire you, but in truth, that is my mission for myself for my own growth, can I or can I not, it matters not. None of it. Its all play. And then we die, and we pass through the bardos, again and again, until we’ve had enough and we can graduate as an enlightened being, who may come back or who may not, and who may eventually go somewhere else, to create again.

Watch this video, sent to me by one of my clients:

”We inform ourselves through our creations” - what are you creating?

Poverty, survival, or wealth mindset?

Your survival is always guaranteed, you are energy, you can not die. You may leave this life, you may experience pain, you may leave people behind to fend for themselves, but they will only have that experience if they seek it. Watch your ego, you are not above this, none of us are.

And health too, is mindset. Build your value, share your value, make connections with people who have skills that you value. We can all take care of each other, easily, no money required. See Practical Spiritual Services for more. Watch for the arrogance, watch for the humbleness, what people charge is up to them, we simply pay what we can, and it all works out in the end.

Life is free, money is just an exchange to balance the energy. If you think money will make you happy, well, so will grades, and the approval of others. All false senses of security. True security is inside and it can never ever be taken away. This is why people can live in exile or jail, without a care in the world.

Here’s what I think is important:

- learn how to maintain and regain balance/health in your body: RestoreChi

- learn about your self: Courses

- Transmute the school system (because that is where all this limited mindset starts)

- and don’t fill your kids with false conditioning, know and respect who they are from the start!

An HR rep once told me, when you’re well you work, and when you’re not well you work at getting well. And when you know how to do better, you do better, so, do better!

Back to bed for me now.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always.

Nothing matters and it all matters. We judge each other, we judge ourselves. Namaste - the light in me recognizes the light in you!

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