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The outside helps us heal the inside (resolving migraine conflict)

I've been following Emily Anne Brant, after reading a book by Asha Frost, and listening to a podcast between them. I was liking her content, until this post:

Which is actually because I think I was more triggered by this post:

Where her follow up images (accessible here) are what got me to "like" what her initial image lingered as a trigger, because, see below, I don't want a handout because of my skin colour...

My dad is unlikely to have the patience to read this, but, I have been writing about privilege while away on this trip (start here and move back or forward in my posts, as you see fit). And I was going to share these images in a post:

Saying something to the effect of "From a Tibetan standpoint, we are to practice letting go of all our experiences, so we can let go of all the images that will flash before us when we die, because clinging to any of these images with regret, is what draws to us a harder next incarnation. However, when in the body, we can also use these experiences as an opportunity to polish and discover what we know, so we can further our growth". Then I thought to remove the "Price Tag" quote above, or add that "those who can say 'we don't need your money' have privilege", and that is exactly it!! I don't want a scholarship hand out just because of the colour of my skin. She may not even be talking about me, as I am not Black or Indigenous (in her term BIPOC - black indigenous people of colour). I like this post where she draws attention to the difference between the witch wound and the wound of slavery or colonization. So many want to identify with being a witch, but are upset when others want to identify with a mixed variety of genders, or even with having a past life as being indigenous. It occurrs to me, if she is asking for scholarships, maybe she and people like her needs support, but asking about skin colour or heritage is not enough to know who needs what, those who need a handout need it, regardless of their skin colour or heritage, we all fall or can start from less, we do not have to pay for the mistskes of our biological parents (we can heal them in ourselves, even if our parents never make an effort to heal, or to recognize what we do, our healing pays forward, and back).

My father came here on a scholarship, he still had to eat out of garbage cans to survive when he was here, and he worked hard so that I would never feel the need for money. Now he focuses on money and I don't have any interest in it. It's a double edge sword, because my lack of interest is almost like an insult to all that he has done for me and my family. I will try to find the time and patience to sit with him, to see what he is trying to show me, because my privilege is because of his hard work. And it will run out if I don't help out, regardless of my lack of time, energy, or interest.

There are many immigrant families, regardless of whether you recognize them as white or not, but those who are white presenting, if they lose their money, they are expected to still hold white privilege, while those who are not white presenting, if they keep or lose their money, they are judged either way as a problem. Race is not just those who were colonized, and those who were brought over (or tricked to come) to be slaves. Shockingly, according to this book (imaged below, yes I see it's government issue, so who knows if we can trust it fully), not all indigenous people have negative feelings about what they received through residential schooling: reminds me of my own experience at school, where I was not bothered by the things that bother me now with my kids going to school. I liked school, because home was worse, I enjoy figuring things out and being smart, and I did not consider myself to be bullied, even though kids did say "did you fall in the mud on the way to school" because of my skin colour, and I always felt less than (for example "of course the boys should choose my white friends over me") because of my mixed heritage. My primary friend was also often dropping plans with me, because she'd rather chase after boys, and I took it personally, until I realized I deserved better than to wait around for her to value me. And she discovered later that she is part Metis.

Here's the thing, we can have the same life experience, with a different life purpose. I carry the Soul Contract lesson 20 - Inner Peace or Outer War - Great Movement as a physical goal and a spiritual talent (see the table of numbers and symbols at the top of my Soul Contract webpage). This lesson means that if we do not find inner peace there will always be outer war, and that we have the capacity to move quickly through personal growth (good therapy / treatment), and a failure to do so carries the risk for the development of cancer. Our bodies seize and break down, when we don't follow our life lessons, because this is how the soul aborts mission, to try again in the next life. Healing modalities like RestoreChi can give us another chance, but if we continue to fail to do the work, the healing will also regress, or be a constant uphill battle, and not everyone can be saved by this method, because this is not everyone's path. And, as the book below suggests, survival is not the goal of healing, capturing the lesson, and being able to die in peace is, because this brings an evolved next incarnation, instead of a redo or a regression.

And so, the point is, there is stuff out there that triggers stuff inside us that needs to be worked on (this is the cellular memory, mentioned in the witch-slavery-colonization post above). People (government, and by extension their schools and the agencies they fund) think they need to reform out there, and these initiatives can cause harm, because they create isolation and hive minds, with hate for self and hate for others, see this post.

I don't like to see people suffer, I support people who raise awareness of people who are suffering, because to allow the suffering to continue leads them to suffer. People scream "wake up to the woke", but if you look deeper, what the woke try to do gives the awakening (who claim to be awake) an opportunity to grow even further (but many don't, because they already think they are right, and maybe they are, nobody knows, but moving water is healthy, and stagnant water is sick, we are water).

Race is not just skin colour, it's not just black and indigenous verses the colonizers and the people who felt they had the right to own slaves. Both the original white people who were given land here to conquer, because back home they were second born, with nothing to inherit, see My Grandmother's Hands, or those who come over because life back home was poor, dangerous, or boring (my mom fell into this last category, showing that her privilege was very high indeed, even though her life was not easy). I don't think anyone gets an easy life, we all have lessons. Some lessons we will learn by having more than others, and some we learn by having less. We can not assume all white / BIPOC / non-white / immigrant / first or second generation anything is anything. We may have things in common, or not. We have biological parents, but we also bring in the history of our soul, and soul family. We are here to hear and feel and see each other, but not to change the other. It is through attempts to change the other, that we discover opportunities to heal ourselves, and wish them well on their soul journey. I don't know that the big evil people even exist, they probably do, and if they do, they also have lessons, or they are playing a role in the play for our own lessons to unfold.

Going back to Emily Anne Brant, she actually looks like a very sweet person (see here), who has struggled to travel so far, and I do thank and support her, for how her posts have allowed me to grow. I hope her posts (like the quote from The Middle song in the gallery above) are helping her grow too, if that is even why she is here. I hope the same for anyone caught in anger and frustration, who is sharing on social media, and those triggered by the shares they see. I think social media is great, in that it allows us to polish our stones, if we use our life experience to do so, and it allows us to practice not clinging to things that bother us, which is practice for the test at our death, to see what have we learned to let go of, and what we still need to draw into our next life, to learn to let go. This book (imaged below, with more details in the link) seems great, and I plan to buy it, as it mentions "As one therapist said after using these techniques for about a year with her patients and then beginning a daily practice for herself 'I got healed where I didn’t even know I was hurting. I mean, I certainly didn’t have any life-threatening disease such as cancer. But I had the life-threatening disease of despair, depression, anger, alcoholism, and self-hatred.'":

At all times, we have to listen to our body, for feedback on how it's going, which is why I did not post the gallery above, when the Price Tag quote felt off. Our negative feelings (and bodily symptoms) are not the enemy, they are our guides.

I hope this is a helpful continuation of my previous article, which I shared in this manner:

As per the gallery quotes above, I may be "getting tired of some things", I may prefer to "hear both sides of the tale", but that doesn't mean they don't still serve a purpose for those who still need them for their lessons. I could not design all of life better than the vast intelligent souls who design their lives. All I can do is read their charts and bodies, and apply some treatments, to allow more of their soul's mission to embody, while we moving more of their stuck conflict out, to be processed, learned from, and healed. Each healing modality serves a different purpose, and I go to them, when the situation calls, if the client is open to receive.

I still don't feel ready to expose myself to the social media posts that I judge, as I do not want to put negative energy (judgement) out there about other people's journey. But maybe one day, I will have grown enough to do so. We are all a work in progress and we all deserve deep compassion for where we are at. It starts from inside of us, we don't need others to like us first.


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