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The particle and the wave

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This image is borrowed from:

I share it for two reasons:

1) if the professors and university staff who got themselves fired by refusing to take the V plan to open their own post secondary school, please take a page out of the book of people like this and the founder of Esogetic Medicine.

Post secondary should be a series of apprenticeships with professors who have proven themselves to be a good fit for the students who will seek to study with them. Post secondary should not be an expensive extension of high school, a money grab from the parents or the gov-urn-ment, so youth can have an acceptable way to get the fully funded freedom they seek.

I know, it’s always been about the money to fund your research, so, find a way to show your research is worthy of ethical investors and students who want to be a part of what you are trying to create.

You can see at the end of the video above, when it turns to sales, the professor tunes out, he doesn’t care about doing it for the money, in fact, doing it for the money is a turn off. If you want to be the wave that in-forms matter (the particle), please earn it. You can do better than simply offering a Vfree Mfree option. I hope this helps.

2) We have the soul that directs our life (the wave), chasing or guiding our material self (the particle). As the sperm chases the egg, the yang chases the yin, to embody.

In Human Design there are clues on how to bring this connection closer (by following your unique strategy and authority, so you get the life you came for), but, eventually, it is more than that.

It’s about being honest with your self, about how you feel, not minimizing or dr-ugh-ing away your pain, depression, or anxiety.

Modalities like Esogetic Medicine (and probably Healy/TimeWaver) can help you become conscious of, so you can clear your garbage, and connect: who you are in wave form, to who you are in particle form.

It’s like getting keys to unlock the matrix, so you see the illusion for what it is, and can choose a less redundant path.

I’ve had moments in my youth when I fell for material things ^^, like clothes and possessions, but this is when I was most disconnected from my body and my self.

Now, the only things I value, are what allow me to self care, so I can continue to learn and connect people to their spiritual selves.

Mainstream has always given me social anxiety. I tend to perform well at school and work, but I never wanted to play the game, it felt pointless.

I don’t waste my time on entertainment or beauty, just health and knowledge, with my responsibility as a mom sprinkled in.

For a long time it bothered me that we are disconnected from ourselves and our gifts and led astray, and that so many fall for this. But, that’s the game: How far can you be led astray and still find your way back? Can you clear the bitterness from your heart? A true Hansel and Gretel story!

I forgot that it was the bird who ate their breadcrumbs, which makes this image kind of funny?:

Is this what it takes for some to find their way back?

I didn’t need to see anyone suffer to know the school system, the V system, and the dr-ugh system were wrong.

I can trust in what we can not see, because that still feels like home to me.

But, maybe others went too far, and they need the particle (dead body) evidence, and can’t trust the wave (simple truth) yet. I guess it’s like the fear I used to have: when I understand it all, I will die. But it’s not true. Only the ego dies, then the soul can finally direct the life and fully embody.

Wishing you love, fascination, and ongoing uncovering, of what there is to offer us in life, and what to turn away from.

We who love and care are not alone. And maybe the man in the video will get his dream: 1 billion people connected to his product, finally enough to get a shift in consciousness.

I may buy in, or I may simply continue to learn, and continue to do it the paper and pencil way (Esogetic Medicine, Divine Healing, Elemental Magic, RestoreChi, etc).

I even found, while drawing Elemental symbols on rocks with my middle child yesterday, that many of the symbols (channeled in many years ago) are intended to heal many of the side effects of the V, including mind con-troll.

I don’t know what will happen in this epic battle for your body, but, I’m pretty sure your soul will be fine. It will just be a “game over” on this round of life. I thought we were here to aim for more, but maybe I didn’t drink enough from the cup of forgetting to make this fun, or maybe I took something that prevents its effect. Oh well. Such is this life.

Connect or not. Be all that you can be or not. The choice is yours. And the path back to your self, I think, is best taken slowly, one step at a time. Unfold what you balled up.

The particle returns to the wave:

We are one. 💕

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