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The role of fear in our lives

Fear is instinct. When we feel fear, we are supposed to ask ourselves why and what action is appropriate, and then act accordingly. It is absolutely non sense to continue to expose ourselves to things that make us feel fearful for any reason, especially social expectations. And, it is absolutely ridiculous for people to tell us what to fear, or to do things we fear because this somehow alleviates the fear of others.

People are entitled to set their own limits and we should honor them. But they are not entitled to force themselves into our world if we deem their mindset or actions to be likewise unhealthy.

Navigating fear is important, and it’s a gift. I wish you well on your journey. Consider this passage from The Language of Emotions:

Life is a game. We are all going to die. We win at the game of life by following our truth.

Right now my truth is: I'd rather take the V than live and expose my children to people who live in so much fear that they would hurt others, and I'd rather get sick multiple times than take a V.

The reason is: I have sufficient skills and self confidence and self worth. I don't need to play any one's game in order to get anything. I have access to everything I need, because I need very little and have lots inside of me. And, if things change, I am open to further opening my rigidity, because health is found in freedom, not restriction.

We respect others by having the integrity to respect our selves first!

I hope this helps you.

Sending love 💕

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