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This will all make sense when I am older…

Frozen 2 offers a lot of important hints on how to get through what we are going through now.

Add to this, this article suggests we need more Yang (light, sun) and less Yin (darkness, illness):

It got me thinking, the article I shared yesterday said “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids”, some people have their eyes on Mars right now, but that is further from the sun, and Venus is closer. Mars is about war, Venus is about values. What’s more important right now (and always)? While I am not saying let’s move to Venus, I am saying that we may do better if we align with light and Venus, as opposed to darkness and Mars. Look at the path that Venus creates, relative to the earth:

Keep in mind TCM (health) is also taught with the 5 pointed star.

This is an Esogetic Medicine treatment that I did on myself, to clear some old trauma, which led me to several more important teachers (look familiar to Venus’ pattern above?):

And finally, here is an important video:

Especially when he teaches the viewers to create coherence between heart and mind:

…and you don’t have to ask for anything. Just hold a loving space for us all to heal.

Anyone hurling hatred and anger right now is dealing with unresolved personal, collective, or generational trauma.

We all need to do our part to heal, so we stop taking it out on others, no matter how right any of us feel we are, or how stupid we think the other may be. They are just a mirror of who we are or were or could be, to help us grow.

Sending love 💕

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