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We are always tested when we are about to grow

This article is for my own processing, but also for my clients, because I am often trying to explain to them that before we "make it" in a new area of our life, our old life tries to draw us back in, to make sure we are ready to break ties and leave it all behind.

This week I was offered to take more training, training, that I knew I did not want or need. Training that goes against my values of only serving in a way that everyone can do for themselves. I seek to never disempower or act as if I have a gift that no one else can cultivate. The gifts/sidhis are to be ignored, as they are distractions from the goal, which is to trust life, be a good person, and get everything done by doing nothing at all.

When I went to the teacher's website, I saw them attempting to do things I had already tried, and that I had discovered were not possible, at least not for me, because part of my path is to leave others alone, and let only those who seek what I have to offer find me. I need not change the structure of the world, to be able to work on my gifts, and to be of service, to those who seek what I have collected.

The key words were used, to try to lure my interest in training, as well as claims of how I am psychically viewed if I don't. But I know from what we discovered in my Divine Healing training, that psychic visions of me are an illusion, because I cannot be accessed unless I give permission. I've sat with many psychics who have embarrassed themselves in the process of trying to read me. I don't do this to make them feel bad. These experiences simply remind me that I do not want to get into the "I have access and you don't" business. I do not support anyone giving their power away in that way. I won't even use a pendulum or let another use one on me, because I can move their pendulum, and the truth inside me is far more honest and easier to prevent from being violated, than anything outside of me.

Even if I work with a healer who is gifted in ways others can not be, without extensive training and dedication, which is more than I have to offer at this time, it's not the same as acquiring psychic skills, which I already have, for my own purposes only.

The second way that I was tested was being asked to give a talk last minute. I didn't want to, because I am in transition with my business. I was recently let go by a teacher, which allowed me to train with another teacher, who shows you how it all works behind the scenes. In addition, the same healer mentioned above, who did all he could for my child before, has suddenly had an epiphany that he can do more, and now he is more invested in finding a solution, where before he was washing his hands of the situation. Things move.

And, as I prepare for this talk, I am noticing how things need to shift even more on my business card, but not on my website, yet. It's so important to present oneself clearly, but sometimes there are layers. So, if the business card sets a tone, then the website can be read in that context. For those who find me that way. Or so it may seem, for now.

Everything I am doing is in alignment, it doesn't matter if it makes sense to someone else, it's what allows the energy to flow. This is where I hope we are all gifted, when we find a way to operate in alignment, once we have cleared enough garbage. And that is the key, in a lot of the work that I do, even though detox will never appear on my card, we are removing toxins/garbage on many levels, because it slows down our ability to progress.

Part of why I think I have been able to do this, is a meridian treatment that I applied to myself, mostly because the starting point (of the kidney meridian) on my foot acts up, when my opposite shoulder acts up. And this opposite shoulder also spoke to me via the (starting point of the) heart meridian, when a friend/client/practitioner was at my home, as a dynamic we have was asking to be changed.

I also treated two more points on the kidney meridian, because they address an area that another client is working on, and I wanted to see if this treatment could work for me, before suggesting it to them. Still to be determined, if what works for me can be transferred to another, as we are so unique, and some people are just not ready, and they may never be. But that doesn't stop us from learning from what they offer us as examples.

I also treated a point on the spleen meridian, that is close to the starting kidney point, as it was also sore on me. And part of why I did all this was because the latest RestoreChi fusion track that I used to try to address my shoulder pain, triggered a headache, which I am told is what happens when the brain is adjusting to receiving more oxygen. One practitioner allowed the pain for 3 days before he adjusted and the headache cleared, I'm not on board for that at the moment, a good part of a day with a headache is good enough for me, for now, I had already pushed through several other 1-2 day headaches. Eating the elephant one bite at a time...

This is another example of the MeridianWork that I am getting into, inspired by the needs of my child, my clients, and what I am learning from the teacher I acquired after my first teacher let me go,. MeridianWork has no presence on my website at the moment, except for in my blog. Weaving it in with RestoreChi, Esogetics, and even a bit of the information field, at times

Divine Healing is something that I do not use enough. And yet, it is not ready to fall off my business card (the way Astrology and Business were removed, due to major misunderstandings, about how this can be used and how it can be a distraction and a disservice), because I think structured prayer, and having mental processes, that have been infused with spiritual wisdom, created by someone who has done the work, to be highly conscious, operating in alignment with higher principles, is important.

And since the draft of this article, I have already had someone hire me for this service, and here's what I found:

Likewise, the information field, though it is sullied with the way in which vibration is over used, and marketed by each creator, as if many are not capable of doing the same or better. Like Divine Healing, it is built by someone with high principles, where everything stands on a foundation of unconditional love, so you can't go wrong. It's an outside of the box, quick, opinion, that you can take or leave, to be used when there is no time for something deeper and more specific. Some of the vibrations and frequencies may be of benefit, but there is more love and structure to RestoreChi, while the danger of RestoreChi would be in creating imbalance due to insufficient understanding, or trigering detox symptoms (or reaction to more access to health, see above), when pacing (and supporting) may be a kinder way to go. The dangers of applying too many Healy frequencies can actually cause damage, while vibrating to the information field likely can not, unless the person takes the words in the descriptions way too seriously.

Both RestoreChi and the information field are great options for kids (as is Divine Healing, and all the other modalities I use) because they shift the parent perspective, from blame and frustration with the child, to understanding, compassion, and more viable options for problem solving. Also, anything that allows kids to avoid mainstream medical treatment (even supplements) is a win in my books. We force enough into our kids, whatever can be done on the outside only, is a win, for me. Because it gives them the chance to have bodily autonomy and to walk away.

I am grateful for the opportunity to find words to describe what I do, and for the information sent, as it provides useful information. I am also grateful for the ability to take what is needed, discern the difference, between how some people do things, and how others do them, and then just leave the rest, without a "fear of missing out", and with gratitude for the person who sent the information, who is where they are at, and who serves against the grain, to get information to the people meant to receive it, even if they do not act on it, in the way they thought was intended. I am also grateful for the feelings I get, when I know I have to push through or make change.

We are all entitled to our mis-takes, and there are only two ways to do life: the way that is right for us, and the way that is wrong. I choose the prior, because the latter creates constriction and pain, and I prefer peace and freedom. Sometimes I go along with what I agreed to do, even if I don't want to, I can not explain why, but it always works out to my benefit. Sometimes we just have to trust the process. Our body speaks to us, and so does our life, but very few people give themselves permission to listen, or permission to wait and see. It's how we are raised, and how mainstream operates, few will break those bonds, but I have, will you?

I waited to release this article, until after I delivered my talk, and I am glad I did, as the talk now needs to be split into at least a few sections, before I can share it more widely. And I am grateful for the opportunity that only going through the experience could teach me what I needed to add or change.

Hope this helps you see, we're all in it, all trying to navigate, and I hope it inspires you to do what is right for you.

Here is the image from my talk:

And when it's ready, I'll post an article with links to slides and videos that go over the (edited) presentation, how to assess the sensitivity of fingers, toes, and feet for Esogetic Medicine, and my latest RestoreChi highlights. I was also asked a question about "how to tell if we didn't want to come into this life". I thought it would be easy to answer, but it may actually be more complex, and perhaps I'll write or record something about this, one day.


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