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Weaving modalities to stop the constant fighting

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Over the years, I’ve become very tired of the constant fighting. Fighting for kids, fighting for health, fighting for kindness.

The problem is: people have different beliefs, that justify what they think is right, and changing all their fundamental beliefs is actually never on the table, all we can do is hold space, and overtime, if invited, guide and nudge, but they have to want to change, they won’t change just because we yell our opinions or perspectives at them.

For me, I know my natal astrology has a south node in Aries in the 12th house:

…this means I carry past life karma of being a warrior and having hidden enemies (and regrets).

Learning this initially brought me peace, because on the opposite site of this south node is my goal for this lifetime: Libra north node in the 6th house (to find peace and beauty, being of service to others, and caring for my physical body).

The initial peace came, not because I could instantly claim this gift, just because I knew about it, but rather, because it explained why the experience I sought (to be able to just get a long and be valued by others) was so out of reach for me. This is where I stayed for years.

Finally, I learned that our past lives may be stored as light in our DNA, and I had all these OGT light treatments that addressed the genetic (or constitutional) background of the problem. This inspired me to look at the OGT (and similar) treatments, to address this issue.

Aries (where my south node resides) is associated with the element of fire, and, in Esogetic Medicine, fire is related to the Liver/Gallbladder function circle.

I know I have liver/gallbladder problems because of the way I reacted to fhive gee, my childhood suicide attempt which destroyed my liver, my general waking time on the TCM clock, soreness in specific areas of my neck and back, a mark on a specific area of my face, and congestion in my right foot, in an area associated with anger and the gallbladder.

So, I began with the OGT treatment for stomach, intestines, liver, and gallbladder.

Stomach is tied to the meridian associated with the mother (divine feminine, self-care). Liver/gallbladder is associated with the father (being able to go out into the world and make your mark). The intestines is where we receive our truth. And, the combination of these organs, literally help us digest our experiences, conflicts, emotions, worries, and more.

Another important aspect, is being able to use both sides of our body, as well as all aspects of our personality, to process our experience.

For this I used a treatment on the pain clock, the center of where the two OGT circles reside (see above and below). You can imagine it as the initial single cell, before it split in two, thus, conception (or unity before duality). It’s called the pain clock because: this is where we store all the pain from living this life. I used this area to balance issues between the energies of each planet (for me, the relative sensitivity of my fingers, indicated that there was an imbalance, put in place in my childhood, between my moon/needs, sun/purpose, and mars/reaction to everything that happened to me in childhood).

After these two treatments, I applied the following treatment:

…which helps each cell of the body dump its garbage/congestion, so that they can start communicating better with each other, and as a whole. This treatment goes very deep into the cells because it talks to the cells using brainwaves first, which is how the brain talks to the body, so this opens trust, then light is sent in to correct misunderstandings. As you can see, the macro and micro, above and below, inside and out, truly do reflect each other, in what is needed, to arrive at a peaceful well-functioning solution.

Several days later, I applied the following treatment, to address the way we come into this life, which has the same shape and number of lessons as our soul contract:

When I applied this treatment, the point where I felt the most reaction, corresponded to my soul contract physical karma 4-4. Soul contract lesson 4 asks us to trust, know that we will not be able to see the full outcome, just the step in front of us, and the more we follow what opens our heart, the more good things will come, also, to share my self, share what I know, share what I have, and be there for my kids.

Also, because this treatment uses 3 gray colours, it’s like going back to the original trinity, father/mother/child, or whatever you believe in, and reopening the eyes of the cells or organs that gave up and shut down, due to loss of faith, that we would ever get it right. It’s a very powerful treatment and concept, as we all know people who have shut themselves off from the world, and they are very hard to help. All we can do is love them anyways, even though we may have wanted more for them (and us).

So, between Esogetic Medicine, Soul Contract, and Astrology, above, I have managed to let go of my desire to fight and prove that I am right. 2+2=3, I guess so, sometimes.

I can just trust whatever is going on, as the background we came into, to have our life experience. I don’t need to change it, I just need to trust my skills to work with it, as I always have.

With less engagement in the fight, this should also reduce the constant waves of pain, and also put me forth as a gift to others, who want to be able to let go of something similar as well.

No actor stars in a play, but spends his or her entire time trying to change the set or the script, we just shine in our role, and learn mastery over what is given to us.

Although I still feel sadness, for those who would like to see me continue to fight (you can see my past articles, for evidence of how I did fight, and eventually how I softened). I know I am of no service to others when I act as fuel for their fire. I am here to help when people are ready to let it go.

And, in challenging situations with others, knowing some Human Design, Gene Keys, Soul Contract, Astrology, and Divine Healing can help us see what is truly going on, what is ours and what is theirs, and how we can use the experience as an opportunity to prepare for what comes next (instead of taking it personally and choosing strategies that dishonour who we truly are and have the ability to be).

This is how we address something from multiple levels, dimensions, directions, and timeframes.

It has worked very well for us, maybe it will work well for you too?

People tend to like the spiritual approach, because it gives them the option to be kind, which is what we all truly seek. Life just turns us around so much, that we think we need an eye for an eye, and that is just not true on a soul level. Because, what you do to another, you do to your self, we are one. And the human drama hurts, only in the hopes, that we will learn to be kind, instead.

These modalities allow you to understand the energy behind each person and each experience, so you can navigate your life with more grace, ease, and personal victory. And, when needed, we can use tools to shine the light, to support us to process, to clear, and to remember our true life purpose. It’s what we are here for: to master our gifts, our lessons, our self-care, our love of others, and our ability to understand our unique experience.

Sending love 💕

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