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What is a “multidimensional health psychologist”?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I’ve changed my job title a few times, as I’ve grown in my practice, and understanding of what it is that interests me most, to share with others.

This is how I currently see what I do:

I offer my acquired ability to look through multiple lenses, to see how, many aspects converge, to create the multiple dimensions, of a person’s current reality. As well as the multiple ways in which, we can try to guide them, to their next best step.

If I’m honest, this is just the level of mental complexity I need, to keep myself engaged with a topic, long enough, to make a worthwhile contribution.

Whether these are physical or emotional symptoms, problems in relationships or business, difficulty with children or finding peace, or even symptoms in pets or things breaking down.

When we consider the multiple aspects (lines), coming in to create our present reality, and offer all these aspects an opportunity to land and be heard, as well as an impulse or option to change, the now moment can change, not only our present, but our perception of the past, which can then change our future.

I do have a masters in research psychology, focused on how chronic social stress, can lead to physical illness, via dysregulation, of a balanced immune system. Which I feel allows me to use the term “psychologist”, especially with my distress center training and experience. Which taught me that mainstream methods, at the time, we’re not the answer for lasting change. Concepts from Dr Gabor Mate (when the body says NO!) guided me to this work, because I was tired of people claiming to be victims of their illness, when, I felt they were victims of their choices (or denial of their ability to choose).

Having come far from there (knowing now, that in many ways, it’s not that simple), and yet not so far. I am still fascinated by how we can course correct, when we just accept things for what they are, and offer a new perspective that allows for growth.

Unlike other methods I have experienced, which diverge the lines, and result in people running in many directions, none of which feel closer to home. Because home welcomes all of our experiences, not just the ones that fit in the right box.

What you get from me, is a listening ear and body, with the wisdom I have collected, have access to, and will continue to collect, so together we can try to find you (and your path) again.

According to Esogetic Medicine, nothing brings health more easily, than being aligned with kindness, to who we truly are.

The illusion is that the majority of people don’t want to change (or don’t even know that this is something that they need to do), but you wouldn’t be reading this if that were true for you.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey to find yourself and claim your life, hold on tight, it can be a bumpy ride, but hopefully inspiring, in ways you never thought possible, when change happens, just because the lesson is learned, while keeping you grounded enough, with good self care, to try to keep your body safe.

Sending 💕, 🔥🕊, 🐛🦋.

🙌🏻, you’ve got this!

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