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Why Mother-Father and I-Thou-We Esogetic treatments are not for kids <18yrs might make you cry

I've shared a few posts about conscious parenting recently: I'm learning some new Esogetic treatments, see:

I asked my teacher if the new mother-father treatments can be used on kids, as the standard mother-father treatments can not. According to my previous teacher: "kids need their programming in order to survive their childhood". My new teacher responded: "I would start with the DNA OGT (which is for any kind of developmental delay) and do that a few times to see if you notice any reactions. The issue with the basic mother-father treatments is parents might react to their kids' reactions to treatment, and therefore not be able to hold space for their kids in a neutral way." The same teacher shared previously that "what is stored in our subconscious is like a caged wolf. We want to befriend it before we let it out."

According to this book (and many more in the series):

...we are programmed to be so violent, and to see violence as good, that we would even turn on our own kids. It's very unnatural.

In order to be able to free our children, we have a lot of unlearning to do. This is what the transmitter relays (the method I will learn over the next few weeks) will hopefully do, as it clears the first 25yrs of programming.

This is also the same conclusion Ra Uru Hu (founder of Human Design) came to, when he wanted to get Human Design to the children: he quickly realized he needed to decondition the parents first.

See this video of him talking to teens:

Hopefully more parents will get it together, and clear their baggage, so we can start clearing our children. As we all carry up to 6 generations of baggage, and enough is enough! Don't you think?

I hope this helps.

A quote from the book above "anything worth doing, is worth doing badly, and parenting your kids well is worth doing, hell is thinking there is such thing as a perfect parent". We all do the best we can, and hopefully we are willing to see and correct when we have made mis-takes.

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