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You can’t be hypnotized if you’re not watching…

When I was in university, I participated in an eye witness study. Except, I was taking off my sweatshirt when the “crime” happened, so I saw nothing.

We as a collective have lost 2 years. Some of us have used this time to grow, improve our relationships, try something new, gain self-care skills, rest, recover, and reset. I’m not sure that is the majority of us. Hence:

If what you are watching/listening to makes you feel a way you don’t want to feel, stop exposing your self to it. This doesn’t mean we are oblivious and don’t care. We are in a time of major shifts, many things try to come to the surface, not all will survive. If you try to grab onto every single one, you will go crazy. Just make your decisions based on what you know and what makes sense to you, and leave the rest alone. None of us will save the other. We each have to save our selves, only if we want to (many don’t).

Instead, do what you’re good at, inspire others, admire others, and do you:

As always, sending love 💕

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