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Nothing wrong with me!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I have always felt lazy and not as good as other people because I just can’t keep up. I used to get my dad to drive my friends home at the end of a visit because I was just too tired to drive. My husband stays up much later than me (in fact I often go to bed at 8pm with the kids!). I’ve also thought, on many occasions, that he does more around the house than I do – at least half, and he works full-time! I think its an accomplishment to run my business, get my kids to and from school, and get dinner on the table. Sometimes I feel I am doing much less than I perceive other mothers and wives can do. But I am doing the best I can, and now that I know my Human Design I can accept that this is just how I am built! I am a projector, projectors are not meant to work hard. Not only am I a projector, but I am a projector with NO motors coloured in (see blue box in image), so I have no sustainable energy of my own. And the R-right arrow (circled in blue on the lefthand side of the image) also indicates that I am intended to be relaxed in my environment so I can take things in, NOT busy. So, it is ok, in fact, it is perfect, for me to rest lots, go to bed when I am tired, take it easy. As a projector, I am here to guide others, and I need to give myself a break if I can’t do everything myself! Great to know!

Wouldn’t you like to know this about yourself, so you can give yourself a break and take better care of yourself?

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology

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