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Why didn’t my kid come with an owner’s manual?!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

I know my mom did, many many many times. And you know what? Kids do come with owner’s manuals! We all do! All you need is someone who can decode it for you. And that is where I come in. But lets start at the beginning.

Growing up I always felt misunderstood, I always had a strong bond with babies and kids, I felt I could see right into their soul, I could see their intention and their pain. When my son was very young, it became evident that traditional parenting strategies, that may work well for my friends’ kids did not work so well for him, he needed more. I ended up taking a lot of training and self-education in Attachment Parenting, and that did well for us for a bit, but as he started to enter daycare and the school system there would often be problems if he wasn’t with people who were calm, loving, saw him in the best light, and took the time to guide him in appropriate ways.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was given a gift, that came in the form of strange and severe physical and psychological symptoms that literally made me want to die at the end of each night and that no medical professional could understand or resolve. Eventually a good friend said: “Please try my naturopath, she does energy work, I think she can help”. All it took was one session with my naturopath and she understood what was going on and what to do. She sent me to a Reiki Master, who ended up being my Spiritual Teacher for the next year. Then, one after another, I was guided from teacher to teacher and tool to tool, all through odd synchronicities, nothing was in excess, everything was exactly what I needed.

My background includes feeling like something was wrong with me all my life and experiencing many aspects of mental health: clinical anxiety, depression, mania, panic, physical and mental symptoms, wellness, imbalance, stability, out of touch with reality, being grounded, the right medication, the wrong medication, psychoanalysis, terrible psychiatrists, good ones, the system, being suicidal as a child and young adult, hospitalization, and finally a more full understanding and being stable, balanced and well, without the need for medication. I also have a Masters of Science in Psychology and spent many years conducting research for Mental Health and Social Institutes (including high risk kids).

Now I have the skills to give any family the Keys to their Kingdom!

I am a Soul Contract and Human Design Family Dynamics Specialist.

Soul Contract is the plan we make for this lifetime. It is readily available and incredibly accurate. It is your personal law of attraction. Things don’t just happen to you because you have bad luck and everyone is inconsiderate and out to get you! They happen because you are attracting certain experiences because you want to understand how to overcome certain challenges so you can eventually teach others how to do this. When you know your child’s Soul Contract you can understand their life in context of what they are trying to do and what they are likely to experience, so you can guide them through it, especially when things get intense (you can still see their light). Kids nowadays are more gifted, more sensitive, and the tools are available to help them, to understand them, to protect them, to guide them, and to “Support Their Light”. So a child who seems dark and stormy at times doesn’t have to go it alone, they don’t have to get a label and medication. They can have a guide who understands and who sees their potential, and who will hold space for them until they can reach that potential. That is what knowing their Soul Contract can do for you and them.

Human Design is the vehicle we ride it. It determines how the world affects us and how we impact others. It is essential knowledge for going through life with grace and ease and self-care. I think it is a must to know your Human Design and your child’s Human Design if you want to be successful in life. We are all different, we can not have the same strategies and expectations for each of us. A lot of how we impact each other is not personal, but energetic. We need to understand how we are built and how our kids are built so that we can guide them and advocate for them, until they are old enough and strong enough to advocate for themselves!

Most of us have grown up feeling pretty bad about ourselves because we do not measure up to someone else. None of us do, none of us are everything, we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. This is intentional so that we learn to work together and to compliment each other, not so that we all try to become cookie cutter copies of each other! We need to play to our strengths and protect our vulnerabilities and never feel bad about ourselves and never make our kids feel bad about themselves.

This is an amazing time, amazing things are happening and will continue to happen, but we need to protect and continue to let our kids know we understand, we get them, there is nothing wrong with them! We need to support them so that they can grow to the potential and mission that they have come here to deliver.

If you have a sensitive child or you want the keys to your kingdom or your family dynamic, get in touch. I would love for my son to have more friends who are understood, valued, and empowered to be who they are, so together they can make this world a better place!

My eventual vision is huge! I would love to build a childcare structure, perhaps an after-school program. Where, after a day of having to conform at school, kids can come somewhere to relax and be themselves. Where they can be understood and taught about how they work and how the world effects them. So that they can be empowered, and taught stress-management and emotional-regulation from a positive and understanding perspective. And so their gifts can be brought online whenever they are ready and interested to do so. I envision meditation, nature, energy work, drumming, working with food, spirituality, reflexology, yoga, creativity, expression, whatever they need.

My son’s goal in his Soul Contract is to create a space for people to get in touch with their true essence, to encourage laughter, acceptance, and understanding. He is now 5 years old. Perhaps this center, that I have in my vision, is actually the beginning of the space he is trying to create.

If this idea resonates with you or you think you have something to contribute to make this happen in Oakville Ontario, please get in touch.

I can almost feel this space coming to life. I hope to see you there!

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology - Stress and Health

Reduced parental stress Improved child success ~ A Service for Parents with Sensitive Kids ~ Know yourself Know your kids Flow with life

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