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What is going on with my/their Emotions!!?

Updated: Jul 27

Have you ever asked yourself: "WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY?" or questioned "What is going on with my child/partner/parent's emotions?". Emotions can be somewhat of a mystery, but actually, by Human Design, it is quite simple! And when you know the formula for yourself and others you can ROCK every emotional situation and Live Life With Grace and Ease.

Of course, it is hard when your child is having a meltdown, or when your partner's mood is getting on your nerves, or when you feel anxious in certain situations, or when you just want to be left alone. BUT, when you know WHY you feel this way, and why they are acting the way they are, you can approach the situation with understanding and compassion for yourself and others. And really, in rough emotional times, that is all we need - compassion, love, guidance, and wisdom. So we can move on.

Watch this video and I will decode your (and anyone's) emotional system for you:

If you want to have a relevant Human Design chart in front of you, while you watch this video, feel free to email me at alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca, with the birth date, time, and city of the person you are interested in understanding better, and I would be happy to send it to you, free of charge.

And if you really want to treat yourself to Live Life With Grace and Ease, you can book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation here, where I would be happy to guide you.

The Emotional System - Seen through the lens of Human Design

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology - Stress and Health


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