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Mister Rogers offered us one side of the coin, here is the other...

I am a little young (and Canadian) to have truly appreciated all Mr Rogers had to offer us when we were kids. But watching his documentary the other day, I bow to him in deep respect and thanks, as well as some outrage at how some of the public criticized his efforts, and with some sadness, because, despite all his efforts and accomplishments, a part of him may have died feeling like he couldn't accomplish what he wanted to in his life.

Thankfully, as a spiritual person I can still celebrate that, despite the criticism, he still stayed true to his mission, stuck up for kids, stood up to the adults who had forgotten what childhood is all about, and was honest when he reached a point in his life where he could not provide the answers anymore, to explain the pain that some people were in.

In my opinion, he lived a full life. We are supposed to experience pain, and limits, and growth. But these are in ourselves. They do not need to be enforced by others. We all have a Saturn that goes around our Astrology chart throughout our lives, reminding us that we need to put in the work to get the reward. We all know this and feel this. We don't need anyone to enforce it for us!

There are many things that appalled me about how Mr Rogers was treated. Like the protests at his funeral because he accepted people who were gay or non-white as his equal. Come on!

Look at this photo. This is respect, and love, and ground breaking, for its time!:

Here is what Mr Rogers said:

Mr Rogers was also blamed in the news for creating a generation of "entitled" kids! This, to me, is crazy! Mr Rogers is a TV show, parents still need to do their job to support and guide their kids, nothing takes that responsibility away from them!

Mr Rogers was right, we are all perfect and worthy of love, just as we are.

What Mr Rogers was missing were the maps - to show us how we are each a work in progress, and what our unique needs and strengths will be along the way.

As we work on ourselves, we also have to have the utmost love, compassion, and support, for self and others. It is not easy. It is an inside job. And it is OK to visit the depths of the dark and the doubt and come back to the light and the fun. That is life. We are equal, AND we are each on our own unique path!

Here are some other quotes that caught my attention, in the Mr Rogers documentary:

I don't know if everyone knew this, but Mr Rogers was on route for a spiritual life, when he decided to go on TV and speak to the general public, to share his message of unconditional love and acceptance. He was brave, stood up to the critics, and put children first!

He explained topics like these to children: death, assassination, divorce, war, racism, peace, disability, feeling like you are a mistake, bullying, marketing to children, how to express and channel challenging and conflicting emotions, and that it takes time to change.

When kids were jumping out of windows, trying to fly like the superheroes they saw on TV, he educated them, with love, on the difference between the real world and make believe.

When some youths were eating Tide pods, not too long ago, most people around here mocked and shamed them.

Where's the love, understanding, and respect for children?

Despite all this, I celebrate Mr Rogers for a life well lived.

I put him in the same category as Steve Jobs and Antoni Gaudi. Steve, from the dramatic movie about his life (here), I can see wasn't "perfect", but he tried. And Gaudi, may have been "perfect", but not without criticism.

I can not believe people stood by and insulted his work, calling this building "a pile of rocks" (as it is still named "La Pedrera"):

Gaudi is now known as God's architect. His church (Sagrada La Familia) is still under construction and he is in no hurry. Whenever he was asked when his church would be complete, Gaudi would say: "God is in no rush, his plan always unfolds in perfect timing".

I relate these stories, because I too struggle with continuing to be who I am, sharing what I see, and feeling like people misunderstand, judge, and do not like me for it.

But, do you know what?

This is part of what we signed up for too: To gain the strength, against all odds, even though we are not perfect, to continue to be that work in progress, until the end, through the highs and the lows. And the universe supports us and provides feedback all along the way.

For example: Mr Rogers said he weighed 143lbs every day of his adult life. Every morning when he stepped on the scale at it read "1-4-3", he smiled. To him 1 = I (one letter), 4 = LOVE (four letters), and 3 = YOU (three letters). For him this was confirmation that he was on the right path.

In the documentary they said he recorded 1765 episodes. 1+7+6+5 = 19. In Soul Contract, 19 means to create or hold space for love and kindness to come in to heal others.

Mr Rogers, you did your job!

And if Mr Rogers didn't shy away from numerology and signs from the universe, why should you?

We are all on a mission of growth. The maps are available.

If you want yours, feel free to get in touch. I always offer free 15min consultations, here.

Life is hard, but not without reason.

Everything is a gift, if you could see the forest for the trees.

Mr Rogers, Daniel (the puppet), in all of us, thanks you, for everything!:

As for me and my signs from the universe. I get them every day.

Here is one example: When I was doubting what I shared on Facebook (sticking up for kids and families, again), I discovered that my hand fits perfectly into the hand imprint at Gaudi's church (Sagrada La Familia). The church is literally named for family.

If this is not confirmation from the universe to continue my path to support families and children, I don't know what is!

Further confirmation, if needed: the name below the hand print, which I just noticed now is "Mateu". My parents always told me that they would have named me "Matthew", if I had been a boy.

There is no one else for me to be, but me.

The universe always has our back. We are perfect.

You Have A Life Plan! We are all a work in progress.

Please don't give up or let others put you down.

Love and bless, Strong family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology (Stress and Health)

You Have A Life Plan - Know yourself Know your kids Flow with life

Here is a final quote and thought that I had while watching the Mr Rogers documentary:

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