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What does You Have A Life Plan really mean?

I watched The Little Prince with my kids a couple of days ago. Imagine my horror when I saw the mom present to her child "Your Life Plan".

My website is literally "", and here is this mom micro managing her child with this rigid plan.

This is definitely NOT in the spirit of the work I do, see:

I had this awful knot in my stomach, thinking of all the re-branding I was going to have to do. But something made me stick with the film and watch it until the end. And I am so glad I did. Because now I have the answer!

Your Life Plan can not be bought at a store or designed by your parents, or anyone else, because it was written by YOU, in consultation with your spiritual guides, before you were born.

You chose exactly what lessons you wanted to learn, what experiences you wanted to draw to you in order to learn them, and what skills and handicaps you wanted on board.

These are all written in your Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design, and Soul Contract.

Parents micro managing their kids "life plan", in my opinion, are avoiding their own "life plan".

If you watch the movie, Your TRUE Life Plan, would explain: why the girl didn't get into the private school, why the only house available in the neighbourhood was next to the strange old man, why the man met the little prince, why the little prince lost his way and joined the "boring adult world", and why the old man died. So the daughter could triumph and see what is really important in life, and remind her mother what it feels like to love and be loved. That, is Your TRUE Life Plan.

You can not plan it, as it has already been planned! You can only consult it for guidance, when you feel lost or cheated in life. Understanding Your Life Plan, you can see that you are not being cheated, you are being given an opportunity to grow.

I read The Little Prince many times as a child, but I do not remember it like this!

In this film, the "conceited man" (image below), is so dependent on praise that he is nervous as anything, and all you have to do is clap and he forgets what he is doing and gets caught up just tipping his hat and bowing over and over. Sound familiar - grades and stickers for love?

The "greedy man", busies himself, miserably collecting and counting all the stars, for no purpose but to be able to buy more?:

And when the Little Prince takes the little girl to the authorities to "fix" her, like they did him, they chain her to a desk and begin her schooling, so she can become another one of the grey people: Miserable and lost...

But she fights back!:

At least the King is aware that he actually can not make anything happen, "unless conditions are favorable":

And the most critical quote:

Well done Netflix, well done!

If you want to see Your TRUE Life Plan, so you can love and rock your life, you can go here to book a free 15min consultation.

Thank goodness I don't have to re-brand!

Love and bless, strong family!

You Have A Life Plan! - Know yourself Know your kids Flow with life

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology (Stress and Health)

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