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A karmic lock, walking the path of the sage

This is a very interesting and useful perspective:

While this may sound negative, it’s important to understand what is really going on for people, so we can understand our role.

The karmic lock is something that is part of Divine Healing and Soul Contract, and walking the path of the sage is part of the Gene Keys (and maybe also Astrology).

When we see these karmic locks, we have the choice to engage and lose, or see it for what it is: grow or walk away.

While it is sad (to me) that people go to the extreme to V their kids and take them out too, it’s not uncommon for parents who are about to take their lives to take the lives of their kids first, as if doing so is sparing their kids from having to go on without them.

But, when I thought I was dying last week, I reached out to my network, asking them how I’d love them to support my kids if I am gone, because I have faith in and respect for my kids to complete their contracts without me. If they were meant to have me, I’ll survive, and if not, I won’t. I’m ok with that.

If we try to help people who are not asking for help, we get hurt. If we do what hurt people want us to do because we allow their sh*t to get to us, we pay the price.

Yes, their actions impact us, but, when we can see where they are coming from and why, we can learn skills to dodge their punches, set limits, and self care.

Its going to be alright. Keep being you, keep building you, let them play out their karma (we did in past lives too, and became who we are because we saw and learned from the consequences of our actions). Everyone gets a turn in the bull pen, if that is where they want to be.

Not for me, not this lifetime.

I‘m here to help those who likewise tend towards “no thank you”.

We will get our better life, once all this clears away, and it clears away the moment we see it for what it is and simply disengage.

We are responsible for our kids and our actions towards others, but we are not responsible for adults playing out like hurt children (unless we are co-parenting with them).

For what it’s worth, I know there are families where the kids choose to V themselves against the wishes of their parents. If this were me, I would apologize to the child for whatever they felt I did to make them think they had to live a life they hated, to the point that they would choose the V to take their life. None of us are perfect all the time, but when we realize we were wrong, the biggest thing we can do is admit it and offer to try to make it right. Do you know how many parents ruin their kids’ lives? A lot! Do you know how many have the courage to make it right? Next to none. This is the cross many of us have to bare. You are not alone, and you can always choose the better path!

Sending love. Hope this helps? 💕

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