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They say it’s safe, but what if it’s not (a mainstream vs alternative experience)

Updated: Apr 16

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was on risperidone and lamotrigine for suspected bipolar disorder. They said it was safe, with a slight increased risk for neural tube defects, so they recommended a higher dose of folic acid to try to mitigate this risk.

Having gone through IVF to have my second child, I now know that if the body is not able to conceive on its own, there's a reason, and the child will pay the price.

When trying to get pregnant with my first child, I found out I was ovulating on day 21 and having may period on day 28. So, without me taking progesterone supplements, my son probably wouldn't have had enough time to implant in my uterine lining before shedding.

Chiropractic and TCM practitioners told me "you know the psychiatric meds you are taking are shortening your life, right?". I knew that, I did the research, and I was ok to lose on average 10yrs of my life, because I was depressed, less was fine with me.

But now my eldest is almost 12, and it appears (starting around age 9) he is producing a reduced amount of glutathione. Most people don't show a reduction in glutathione production until they are beyond 20yrs old. The practitioner who identified this said she's only seen this in kids his age who also had spine bifida or down's syndrome, and vaccine injury. Here's what I can find doing a quick search on the topic:

I included an image about intermittent fasting because my eldest doesn't feel he is able to digest food when he wakes up, so he often doesn't eat until much later in the day. Like the downside of intermittent fasting shared by the medical medium, his assessment showed signs of adrenal stress. He's also tired and doesn't sleep well, as you can see, chronic fatigue is mentioned in the images above. And, worth noting, some suggestion that glutathione production depends on a healthy liver.

While supplements are common for adults to take, the local lead student for RestoreChi says "supplements are too yin, which does further damage to the body, and keeps us needing to take supplements for life, TCM herbs on the other hand are balanced, yin-yang, so they don't need to be taken forever".

I have never forced my children to eat or not eat anything. I've respected their Human Design, if they naturally tend that way. My son is designed to know what is good for him, and we are to respect that what he rejects is not good for him (it clogs his brain function), or rather, it's not going to take him in the direction he is meant to go in life.

I don't blame, I think this is his path, to discover the consequences of what they say is safe. Just because he was born without withdrawal symptoms, doesn't mean he was not impacted by the drugs I took.

Likewise, his birth was induced and I was given control of my epidural, so he sat engaged for hours, and I didn't know I needed to push. This has impacted the shape of his head, the way that he processes information, and our relationship (do I push or do I hold a safe space for him?).

As for a mainstream vs alternative experience, the day before the assessment shared above, I took him to the dentist because one of his fillings fell out. They said fillings in this tooth will keep falling out, because of the condition of this tooth. The goal is to wait until all his teeth are grown in and aligned, and then crown it, because to remove all the weak parts now would be to do a root canal.

I asked about kids with metal in their mouth, not that I would ever do that. I was exposed to heavy metals as a kid, and as a result, I experienced a life threatening digestive block when they turned on 5G.

The alternative assessment showed that our eldest inherited heavy metal exposure from growing inside me, and that he l received another large dose of heavy metals when they turned of 5G. More on this below, as the turn on of 5G coincided with Covid and the vaccine (not to mention fear and illness behavior, emotional wounding that hurts just as much if not more than physical illness/injury).

They said "metal is an option, but usually only for baby teeth that will fall out." While they often blame cavities on kids with bad hygiene, they blame antibiotics for my son's weak tooth. Even though he had very little, mostly just gel in his eye (which he didn't need, but, as a new mom, I didn't know enough to question the doctors, by my third child I was more prepared).

I asked the dentist if the difference in his teeth (he has Carabelli cusps, which this article says is a "trait in early and late hominin upper molars (that) add(s) more masticatory surface area") meant for his ideal diet, and all the dentist said was "to avoid sticky stuff".

Walking away from a mainstream appointment I felt they did what they can and there is nothing left for us to do, but come back when we need it again.

While walking away from an alternative appointment, there's a lot to process, and healing (the choice and the action) is in our hands.

According to this link, his weak tooth is a lung tooth, and according to Esogetic Medicine it's a stomach/spleen/pancreas tooth.

In addition to what I've shared above, the alternative assessment showed weakness in his left lung, inflamed large intestine, spinal injury, head and sinus inflammation, seasonal allergies, cardiac risk, and an infection on his right side below his waist. Sounds like some signs of a possible undetected neural tube defect to me.

Master Yan will be able to address his stomach, spleen, liver, kidneys/adrenals, blood, spine, heart, and maybe more. While Esogetics has ways to tackle the rest (including allergies, premature aging, emotional/physical trauma, taking pressure off the heart). One does not need to have bad parents for their kids experience difficult things. In fact, we draw difficult things into our lives, because we need these experiences, to help us see what still needs to be made whole (aka healed).

With a boost from Master Yan, hopefully our son will have the energy to change his eating, movement, and sleeping habits, to protect his health and wellbeing. I'm glad I already went through the process when I discovered I could either blame others for 5G and the covid vaccine impacting my health, or I could get myself to a state where people can do what they want and I can still have my health.

I like how Esogetics keeps me honest: I can only treat what I see needs treating, and I will see if the treatment made it better or worse.

I know that sometimes the RestoreChi monthly tracks work better for my son, because other treatments can be more than he can handle.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how much outside support can bring a client to a state where they are more resourced to do the psycho spiritual work (see:

While Esogetics alone can push a person to attract a safer place to live, to clean out their basement and launch their business, to know their limits and work towards what is right for them, to feel like others are more receptive and open to them, and to reduce how often they feel let down by others in life, it's a dance. Health only returns if we engage in our life lessons, a client can be seeing a lot of healers and feel like they are getting quantifiable results, but if their kirlian photo continues to show up empty, what they are doing is not really moving them forward in health/life, and that's ok. They may not be ready, and nothing teaches us better than the circumstances we keep ourselves in.

It's interesting because, the major traumas that my son experienced, which resulted in a "never been well since" sign in his alternative assessment, happened during Covid. We had a lot of heartbreak with people taking their fears out on us, and I had to take a lot of NAC and ALA (seen in the images above) to cope with my reactions to people (even the unvaccinated children of people who were vaccinated) shedding the Covid vaccine. They also found graphene oxide in our eldest's blood, as a result of the local anesthesia, used by the dentist the day before, made by Pfizer...

I think, just like they felt the drugs I took during pregnancy were safe, the full impact of what we were exposed to during Covid (and 5G) is still to be determined. But I know that if we are meant to survive it, we will.

Just like this post shared to me by a friend/client. They may be able to do deep fakes, but this is in part so that everyone can deny what people say about them. Our worth is never wiped away by what people do or say, if we are capable of something, we remain capable of it, even if someone tries to take everything away. Including our health. We are capable of restoring anything that we are meant to learn how to restore. Health returns when we are on our life path, that's just how it works. Connected, listening, and walking our path, is like a plant growing in line with the flow of nutrients, water, and the direction of the sun.

Know yourself, know your options, don't freak out, take your time, so you are able to understand what life is trying to teach you.

Everything that happens in utero repeats at birth, then again ages 1-12yrs. From 12 to 24yrs we might meet someone who helps us heal, if not, every conflict that happens from age 25yrs onward, is just a repeat, of something we still have left to heal from before.

It's interesting, because another friend/client just sent me this. Which represents how I used to think, blaming the adult for not being an adult, but, if the paragraph above is true, then you can't. We all have wounds, and we're stuck on repeat, until we find a way to access our wounds, shift our perspective, and allow our bodies to heal.

I look forward to delving into these books, because everything has it's place and purpose (even the parasites, fungus, heavy metals, and crystals found in our eldest's blood):

Between what Master Yan has to offer, and what we can do with Esogetic Medicine, the RestoreChi monthly tracks, the Information Field, knowing his Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, Astrology, and how to respect the ebb and flow of energy and life/time, we are going to be ok.

When half of the members of a family pushing supplements and diet are getting surgery, we know that is not the right way for us.

I've always respected my son's right to direct his own life, and I taught him how to do so, using his Human Design. Like I taught my daughter to identify her life lessons using her Soul Contract.

I hope this article is helpful, as an example of how one can navigate information, without blame or fear, accepting the opportunity life gives us, to see how capable we really are!

ps. Having watched the intro video from the author of the book on the top of the pile above (which I share a link to in my next two articles, with some quotes and slides). I like that she is not afraid to take a stance against mainstream medicine and eating practices, as I am often encouraged to sit more in the middle. It's the polite, and sometimes the right, thing to do, because the situation is always each person's best teacher, I don't know what experience each person is here to be a part of. What I don't like is the suggestion that food is inert, offering us no input, when everything is information, reminders on how to survive. I also agree with the Medical Medium (above) that fasting is not a loving act (like feeding the body an abundance ot light and colour) and it's hard on the adrenals. And I don't think it is helpful to fear digestion as a waste of energy. We need to digest what happens to us, it's not a waste, and we are definitely capable of it.


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