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The importance of your story, what most physical healers don’t have time for

I never wanted to get into physical healing, but since so many physical healers fail to meet our needs, to make sense of our experience and talk it out, I've had to venture a bit into that department.

I'm almost half way through this video, here's a quote: "As we misfeed our body three meals a day for many years, disease conditions steadily increase. Much like a hoarder's house becomes progressively less habitable the more they collect. At first, the room is just cluttered, but a few years later the room becomes impassable. Eventually even just walking through the house becomes a struggle. This occurs gradually and progressively as the hoarder brings in just a few more pieces each day. The solution isn't to cut open the house or try to burn the contents - it's to throw things away in the garbage and gradually utilize the appropriate channels to get rid of excess junk."

I like how the woman in the video, like my son (see:, was born ill, and then went on to discover how to heal. She then applied the same concept to rescue dogs, both to help them, and as a proof of concept.

What she shares in her video is very aligned with the concepts of Esogetic Medicine, though she may miss the importance of our psychological story.

From an Esogetic perspective, our body uses childhood illnesses to pump out emotions and conflicts when people aren't there to hold space for us to work through them. Once we hit puberty, our body stops being able to do this, unless we help it, with Esogetic Medicine.

Also, while illness may not be contagious, because of the way I function, I do catch some of what the people around me have, to learn how to get them out of it (see:

I want to show this lovely progression in one of my clients:

Where her energy slowly appears more and more on the paper, more clumps moved out, more soft furry edges. Of course, there's still a missing thumb, some missing sections, some rays of fear, some areas held back, some exrra marks that shouldn't be there, uneven sizes and shapes, and a toe that is starting to close, which explains why she is getting better in some areas, and developing symptoms in others.

We can't just process physically, we have to make changes to our life, be open to feel, to let go, and to be in our bodies. It's a process. The body first finds a safer space to be, then the person has to trust that it is safe to finally feel and let go. This client is well on her way, even if it doesn't feel that way all the time, because the lessons don't just stop. But over time, she has been able to live a more conscious life, where she can love herself more. And that will feel better and better, over time. Treat, integrate, and then see what's next.

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