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Collective trauma, but I’m ok?

As I share in this article, and an article entitled “How to self-care in an increasingly toxic world?”, I am suffering, and at the same time, if you peruse the other articles in the Your Health Toolkit magazine, you will see I am also living in joy.

As mentioned in this amazing talk:

...available here:

We can be loyal to the people who are suffering (or who have suffered) and not have to suffer our selves.


In this mixed up world.

Where parents are proud to have Ved their special needs children, and pharmacy employees troll parking lots to see if anyone is interested in a V, just to finish off their open vile. As if the gov-urn-ment is trying to get people addicted to crack/meth. The ultimate gateway V to a 2 doses a year ah-Dick-Sean. Not to mention promise of ridding us of all genetic illness, unfortunately most illnesses, according to Gabor Mate ^^ are not genetic, but rather, a refusal to be in touch and honest with how we feel and to follow this by making positive health/life change.

Hopefully we are each trying to find our way, as opposed to spiritually bypassing, in order to be mentally at peace with what is.

Gabor offers a great definition for spiritual bypass in the paid course attached to the link above:

No one can call what we have today (or have had for a long time) normal or healthy, and to pretend it is is delusional and insane. A wound is a wound and it needs to be felt and tended to, not to be rationalized and politically corrected away.

Love bless and strong

...for where your are at.

Here are some quotes I came across yesterday, for what they may be worth:

I think this means I am lost in it too, but I am trying to find my way in and out, trying to integrate without fueling separation, and that is hard.

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