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From now on… something for anyone who gets offended by anything I may say.

This article (like many of my articles) may evolve.

I appreciate that in the past, I have aired my frustration, with a tone of putting others down. I now know that this makes it hard for people to come to me for help, because they don’t know if they will also be put down by me. It’s hard to separate the loving things I say about my clients, whom I see more fully, from the less loving things I say about my “friends/family” (or random things I see on social media or elsewhere), that I am reacting to, for me, to validate who I am or what I think.

While having negative thoughts about others, is not aligned with Daoist principles, of pretending that everyone can hear what I think, and leaving everyone else alone. Daoism also provides for 3 minutes of being human, 3 minutes of being spiritual, and then holding both sides with compassion and love. Forgiveness, understanding my reaction is about where I am at, knowing that expressing things in the wrong way feeds my own stress, as I feel all the repercussions afterwards. Some without contact from others, and some with direct contact, even though I am often shocked and blindsided that they even read what I write.

This is part of my life theme from my Human Design:

And with my natal moon in the 12th house, my enemies are hidden, and to a certain extent, I need experiences like this, that blindside me, in order to grow, and be of service. While the above suggests that: I need to see that I can both be kind despite my opinions, and that I can navigate and be honest when people call me out on what they feel I did wrong.

I will try to be more mindful of what I am doing and who am I writing for. Because I don’t want the fact that I am still a work in progress, to blend with records I am keeping, in order to help others.

I write whatever I am thinking about. To think about someone can be doing them a service or not. Sometimes what I write is for the benefit of my current, past, or future clients. Sometimes I will remember to ask if I can record things in my blog or social media posts, and sometimes I feel what I am sharing is so general (and anonymous) that I shouldn't have to ask.

But I do know some people value privacy, and I have made no secret of my opinion on that, see:

(keep in mind, I was raised in a home, where abuse, and failure to parent, was a secret)

What offends one person, often comforts another. Hoarding one's own experience hurts everyone, but it is not mine to share. So I do respect people saying don’t write about me. This also means that if they don’t give back, they also don't gain from the community, to see that we are all the same.

And that’s it. I’m just trying to understand, share what is available, how it helps, in order to try to help others too.

I hope this helps. I don’t know how things will change going forward. I hope that I will have the conscience to say: this article is for X, but maybe I won’t know, or maybe it will take time to know, as the article will evolve, as the concepts evolve in my mind, and in life.

But I know, that as it stands, many of my articles can not be shared right now, because they are sullied with opinions, that run the risk of hurting those, who are only meant to hear part of the message. And that needs to change.

Sending love.

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