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Where is "You Have A Life Plan" active on social media?

Updated: Feb 1

I've created this article to store links to all my Social Media pages, and share where I am currently active.

I am currently active on:

- Instagram

- Facebook

I am not currently active, but could come back if people start to interact on my:

- Support Their Light Facebook Page

- Uniquely You - Live Life with Grace and Ease Facebook Group

- Mighty Networks Discussion Topics

- LinkedIn

I will plan to contribute more to the following, once my youngest is in school:

- Medium

- PodBean

- YouTube

I don't have any immediate plans to return to the following:

- TikTok

- Telegram

You can let me know what you are interested in, by filling out my sign-up form, and I will try to direct you to (and keep you in the loop of) things that may be of interest to you.

You can always email me directly at

And I will update this article as things change, which you can access from the top of my homepage using this icon:

I hope this is helpful. See you, whenever and however you decide to connect with me!

Alahnnaa Campbell

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