Where is "You Have A Life Plan" active on social media?

Updated: Nov 17

I've created this article to store links to all my Social Media pages, and to share where I am currently active. I will update this article as things change.

I don't write articles on my blog as much as I used to.

I am currently active on Instagram and Facebook, and I try to share all my Facebook posts that relate to parents and kids on my Support Their Light Facebook Page, for those interested mostly in that subtopic.

The Facebook group Uniquely You - Live Life with Grace and Ease has been inactive for a while, as have my Mighty Networks topics. But if you want to chat in either of these places, they could come back to life at any time.

In addition, my LinkedIn (Astrology Truths, Esogetic Medicine, RestoreChi, Soul Contract Calculator, Your Health Toolkit, The Carebear Network, and Raising Consciousness App), YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, Medium, PodBean, and emagazines (Your Health Toolkit, The Carebear Network, Practical Spiritual Services, You Have A Life Plan, Success Stories using RestoreChi) have all not been updated in a while. Of course, if people start to comment on my LinkedIn posts, I could come back to that platform at any time.

I will update this article as things change, which you can access from the top of my homepage using this icon:

You can also let me know what you are interested in, by filling out my sign up form, and I will try to direct you to (and keep you in the loop of) things that may be of interest to you.

Of course, you can always email me directly at alahnnaa18@yourlifaplan.ca.

I hope this is helpful. See you, whenever and however you decide to connect with me!

Alahnnaa Campbell

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