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Compassion, coherence, noble gasses, and community

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I've been watching a series of interesting videos...

For example, here is one on compassion (how, even if the cells in our body disagree, we would like them to work things out in a kind and supportive way, and not be at war with each other):

Another on coherence (how it is important to try to align our head with our heart, and bring our soul double closer to its material double, as well as the importance of Heart Rate Variability, which means that various parts of the heart can function independently, allowing it to communicate with us, in a more subtle and complex way):

Videos from the same source as above share that: high frequencies (or high amplitude) are not always ideal. There are low frequencies that are critical for the heart. Low amplitudes (like homeopathy or flower essences) also allow the information to be heard more clearly, because we listen better when things are quiet.

I mention this because: our bodies talk to us a lot, and this can cause stress. Especially if we want things to be simple, or we have trouble admitting when we have been wrong or are losing control.

But, we make mistakes, we revert to old ways of being (that we have made an effort to outgrow), and our body raises a flag. Many of us don't want to create an awkward moment, stopping an interaction to find our coherence again, but it's important, and maybe this makes space for others to do the same.

I was inspired by Bruce Lipton's talk about noble gases. Noble gasses are stable within themselves, they don't waste energy on a wobble, they do not react, and they do not create chemistry. But, when they come together, and are enlightened, they create a brighter (laser) path. Also from Bruce: evolution is about becoming the best that you can be, and then coming together in community, to become a greater, more supportive whole. See Inner Evolution: Harmonious Fractals and Conscious Evolution.

I can be hard on my self and say "why am I looking into health, I'm not a doctor, I didn't study hard or body sciences in school". I don’t think mainstream schools would have taught it the way I needed to hear it, and, the truth is: I am trying to follow the clues to figure "something" out. I am interested in making sense of what I do not fully understand and seeing how things connect. It is also worth asking the opposite question: "why do I hold myself to such a high standard, and refuse the healer role until I feel ready?"

Divine Healing has a lot of components to it, which are teasers to other topics. Then, as I come across the other topics in their more complete form, I am eager to learn more of how I can add to what I know (or have accessAs a kid, one of the things I remember wanting to be was a forensic pathologist. I don't really want to be around dead bodies, but, I am curious how things happen, and I love to see patterns repeat themselves in nature. I also love when the random clues we leave for our selves throughout life, finally make sense. Like: the books I bought early on, on topics I was not ready to understand (quantum physics, Jung, life purpose, tarot, mystery/detective), and the tattoos on my body, with no good reason for choosing to mark my self with certain things (yin-yang, moon). Why did certain experiences make an impression on me (numerology, the elements, tree of knowledge, Mayan calendar, gravity, particle and wave theory), that I would later use as confirmation for my path, and is it right to do so?

As the videos by Marcus and Esogetic Medicine suggest: the concept of NOW is directed by the meeting of the future and the past. What we do now ripples into the past and into the future, and is capable of creating change, which we call intuition (or simply no longer being triggered by certain things, that used to really get to us).

The point is: to be less hard on our selves always, and to be more curious and open. In fact, Esogetic Medicine is not about finding a solution fast, but seeing what works and what doesn't and why. This uncovering is the journey of life.

Coherence (as described by Marcus), is about having a stable structure (knowing who we are) and being flexible to what the many factors around us allow, block, or re-direct.

I love Esogetic Medicine because, as you work with it, you realize what is connected and why. Sacred Geometry and repeating patterns; our understanding unfolds as we use it.

As Marcus says "becoming aware of something, makes it conscious, which all by itself can create change". Much like how Divine Healing works, or any of the psychological techniques that I use (Human Design, Gene Keys, Soul Contract, Astrology). Frequency creates order from chaos, which allows information/spirit to inform matter.

Sending love.

I hope this is interesting or helpful to some. I feel we have lost sufficient time and energy to the events of 2019-2021, and it is time to return to following things that are of interest to us, that can support our growth, and potentially support others (when we have put in enough time to have something to offer).

What inspires you to learn more?

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