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Esogetic Medicine Options for clients not local to Oakville, Ontario

Before I got my Kirlian machine (which allows me to photograph the energy coming off someone's fingers, toes, and the upper pad of their foot), I used something like the tip of a mechanical pencil (no lead) to test top, bottom, sides, and diagonals of the finger tips, the midpoint of each toe, and points on a diagonal line across the foot going down from each sensitive toe, see:

FingersToesFeetSensitivity - Esogetics
Download PDF • 152KB

It is possible for clients to assess themselves, get their own equipment, and then I can guide them (through paid sessions) on what treatments to try.

Another option is to look up local practitioners using either of these searches (Colorpucture is the term for Esogetic Medicine in the USA):

Keeping in mind that not all practitioners are created equal (myself included) and spots on the list above are purchased, not earned. There are good practitioners who do not appear on any of these lists.

My child received a single remote session from Chitan (who blended both Esogetics, also known as Colour Light Therapy, and Divine Healing). This is the session report:

Sample remote CLT and DH session
Download DOCX • 14KB

It was effective in getting her over her fear and eager to try going to school again. However, I didn't feel like there was enough support for me to understand and process what my child needing this treatment meant for me as her parent, so did not go through with a series of prenatal treatments with Chitan for my daughter, and I trained in Esogetic Medicine myself, which is also an option for you.

My current teacher seems to let students jump in anywhere (and once you are a student of hers, you may be able to purchase recorded classes that you have missed):

I've been studying Esogetics for over 4 years, but I have also been raising young kids at the same time (and I still am). My child (mentioned above) has come a long way, but her treatment is still incomplete, and so is her brother's. There is never enough time and energy to decide what treatment to apply and then to apply it (this is why it's great to work with someone who does part of this for you). Even if I had done the complete prenatal series with Chintan, I don't think she would have never had another issue, or never needed treatment again.

It's just like Divine Healing for me. I paid about $1000CAD and spent 4 days learning level one, used it almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day for a year (whenever I felt anxiety or depression), and I was able to come off all my psychiatric medication and make major changes in my life. It's hard for me to charge clients (even at my reduced rate) for as many sessions as it takes, when the need is high and the cost of taking the course is low. I recommend learning with the founder. However, I also find that less is more. One paid session can take a client a long way, whereas I needed many sessions on myself, with very similar messages, to move myself forward, inch by inch, to what led me to where I am now.

I hope this is helpful. I want you to end up with what you need. Whether that is a modality and tools under your belt, a great practitioner (me or otherwise), and/or connections to teachers and support that you need.

How I am unique is that there are many doors, and I try to find what works for each client (in terms of their budget, time, and mental/emotional capacity).

I also like to support the main support for the family unit, that way what I provide, this person can then provide for their family.

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