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Traveling up and down the spectrum of modalities that I use to support multidimensional family health

Updated: Mar 11

I've been working on a series of posts on my Social Media, to describe how the modalities I use fit together.

I would like to get people to a place of knowing themselves and their loved ones (Human Design, Soul Contract, Astrology, Esogetic Numerology, etc., green in the images above). I still look at Gene Keys for my clients, but now that my i'ching training has gone closer to the source, Human Design and Esogetic concepts are more at the forefront for me.

I also want my clients to be able to use Esogetic Medicine to remove blocks/programming and reconnect parts, so they work well together (yellow in the images above).

However, sometimes clients are not well enough to process the information available in the green and yellow zones. So we move to the red and orange zones. Sometimes the orange zone is even too much for clients to process (or troubleshoot) when they are not feeling well. So I bridge it with the yellow and red zones. And sometimes, I am the one with the privilege to read and learn, because my clients are not well enough to do so. In fact, other than my dislike for pain and discomfort, being able to continue to grow my understanding of things, is my primary reason for being vigilant about watching my limits and keeping up my self-care. That, and being able to continue to play my role in our family, and not putting too much on my husband to carry, while I am ill.

Lower in the rainbow are more physical, higher are more spiritual. Arrogance often keeps people stuck in the lower or higher end, depending on which form of escape they prefer. It's also possible for people to get stuck in the mid-zone, staying mental and never taking steps to improve their health.

And sometimes clients are just too young to be involved in all the details, so it's better for their parents to hold the mental container for the information. And we send the child healing with energy, information, intention (blue zone), prayer (purple zone), and a change in the way we see things and treat them (green zone). Then we (or the parent, if they see value in investing in the equipment) only apply yellow zone treatments, when we know specifically what we want to apply. Bugging our kids as little as possible, giving them a chance to just be kids!

Parents can also choose to learn how to use the orange zone to support family health, and they can see outside practitioners to support in the red zone. The dotted lines are used to indicate (above the lines) what I offer directly, (below the lines) what other practitioners offer, and (in between the lines, where applicable) what you can buy.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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