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Feeling your sadness won’t k’ill you, not feeling it might

Updated: May 26, 2021

A friend mentioned the placement of transiting Jupiter in her natal chart today, which prompted me to look at where it sat in my natal chart.

I was surprised to see it in Pisces alread. I felt like it just entered Aquarius.

So, I looked up Jupiter in Pisces and found this article:

Then later, as I was taking notes to process my feelings and thoughts, I couldn’t remember the glyph for Pisces, so I looked it up and found that it looked a lot like the glyph for Gemini, except Gemini ♊️ has two lines (top and bottom) that join the two sides and Pisces ♓️ has only one line in the middle.

This prompted me to look at this book:

...since I remembered it made a point to describe why the glyphs were drawn the way they were (however, maybe only for the planets and not the signs).

In any case, here is what I found for Aquarius and Pisces (there is also mention of why Gemini is a much easier sign than Pisces: the two sides of Gemini are connected but not tied, in Pisces the two fishes are tied together, and Ego fish can sink the Soul fish, so it is critical to put the Soul in charge, see text in image below):

Can you see why a sooner than expected shift from expanding Aquarius (mental forward thinking, how do we rebuild our economy) concepts to expanding Pisces (feeling deeply to the point of wanting to numb our selves) concepts (with the movement of Jupiter from one sign to the other) would be so harsh in these times?

Everyone wants to think there is hope, no one wants to admit they feel there is not...

Thankfully I am also reading this book:

...which shares:

  1. the goal of sadness is to ground, release, and rejuvenate

  2. sadness is often paired with anger for a good reason

  3. anger, when used appropriately, allows us to set better boundaries (so we can be sad and let go, and after we have let go, we can make sure we do not fill the void with more garbage)

  4. but we have to be willing to be sad and to let go, and then take the time to rejuvenate first!

I hope this helps in this time.

My additional thought is: create, create, create, even if no one cares or acknowledges your efforts and work right now, create for your self.

Very little of what people are worried about matters in the long run (or even now). Money does not matter, your health matters, and your health comes from love, self-care, and good boundaries, not the V, an M, or fighting all the time.

Here is part of my self-care for today:

You are worth it too!


Alahnnaa Campbell

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